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Divorce by Mind Map: Divorce
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How it affects their children's life?

Moore, N.V., & And, O.(1977). The Childs Development of the Concept of Family. Review: This article hit a lot of key points and really shows you how divorce affects children emotionally and also physically. Kids start feeling upset and that the divorce was caused because of them. Children also do not get to experience what a real family should be like and do not psychologically understand the true meaning of a family. The children are constantly living out there suitcases and having to switch houses every other weekend. A lot of parents do not think into the divorce and how it will truly affect the child later down the road and there life over all. I think the article could have been a little more in-depth on the highlighted points it was trying to make. I was able to learn some affects it has on children that I didn’t know before because I do not come from a divorced family. It’s sad to me to learn how big the divorce rate is in our country and how much of a social problem it has caused.   This helped me with answering the question because it shows you how divorce truly affects your kids lives and also mentally. It also helps you understand that its important when your married that you really need to think if having a baby is the right idea for your marriage at this point in your life. To many people rush into getting pregnant and it makes the marriage and relationship worse.      

How can divorce be confusing?

How it affects their children's future romantic relationships?

Ivanova, K., Mills, M., & Veenstra, R. (2011). The Initiation of Dating in Adolescence: The Effect of Parental Divorce. The TRAILS Study. Journal Of Research On Adolescence, 21(4), 769-775. Review: In this article it talked about a study that was performed on adolescent dating. It was showed and proven that kids with divorced parents are more likely not to want to date and are more likely to reject when being asked to go on a date. From reading this article it made me remember my friends in high school that had divorced parents I noticed that many of them never went on dates, to prom, or never had a boyfriend and this article made me realize why. This study and article hit a lot of key points that helped me gain information for this project. You never truly know how something so little or so big can affect someone so much without researching and gaining knowledge on the topic.

Commitment Issues

How it affects the Family?

Housing arrangments



How it affects future relationships?

How divorce can affect your kids in college?

Knox, D., Zusman, M., & DeCuzzi, A. (2004). The Effect of Parental Divorce on Relationships with Parents and Romantic Partners of College Students. College Student Journal, 38(4), 597.   Review: This article focused a lot on college students and how divorce affects there school and also how it affects romantic relationships. The article stated that there are 6 million divorced families in the United States. The article talked about how a lot of college kids that come from divorced families are easily to get depressed because there parents divorce holds them back from fulfilling there dreams. There parents are not able to financially support them in college which could keep them from being able to participate in different activities, greek life and being able to participate in different clubs because they are having to work multiple jobs to support themselves and pay for school. It also stated that 75-80% of young adults and children do not suffer from major psychologically problems, including, finishing school, fulfilling dreams and finding a significant other. From proven research kids that do not come from divorced families are excited and hopeful to find a significant and look forward to finding a life time of happiness with someone. Children that do come from a divorced family are more likely to not focus on relationships and are discouraged of finding someone that they feel secure will not leave them when things get hard.   I give this article a really good review! I was able to learn different statistics andfacts about people who come from divorced families and people who do not. Its very important for everyone to be educated on and how you could prevent from a divorce happening.  

How divorce can cause stress in your kids lives?

Ross, L., & Wynne, S. (2010). Parental Depression and Divorce and Adult Children's Well-Being: The Role of Family Unpredictability. Journal Of Child And Family Studies, 19(6), 757-761. Review: This article focused on the long term affects and how kids deal with there parents divorce. It talked about how most but not all kids see the divorce as a stressful event and time in there life. Some kids can develop and experience stress and anxiety as an outcome of dealing with the divorce. It also said that the effects of the divorce may not occur right away but later down the road. I found this source to be very helpful and gave a lot of good facts and information. This article would be helpful if you had a friend going through a divorce and you didn’t know what side effects could occur this article lets you know exactly what to watch out for. You are not only educating yourself on the topic but its also helpful to know so you can be there for your friend and this information may help you for them to open up to you. This was one of the best sources I found to answer my question on how divorce can be stressful to kids. It shows you how most kids blame themselves about the divorce and the different effects it can have on the kid.

Can this lead to anxiety or depression?

How divorce can affect your parenting skills?

Abood, F. (1994, January 1). Improving Parental Coping Skills during the Adjustment Period: A Model Divorce Education Program. Review: This article talks a lot about how sometimes parents do not obtain good coping skills and they take out all the anger and frustration they are experiencing on the child. It also talks about how children feel responsible for the divorce and feel confused by the whole situation. A big things parents need to work on when going through a divorce is turning there frustration and anger into something positive. This would be an excellent source for a newly single parent going through a divorce to read to see the do’s and don’ts when handling the divorce. It has to be really hard to pull everything together but you have to be strong for your children and its important for the parents to try to act like adults when handling the divorce to make sure it doesn’t affect there children in the long run.

How can transitioning into a singe parent be hard?

Wood, J. J., Repetti, R. L., & Roesch, S. C. (2004). Divorce and Children's Adjustment Problems at Home and School: The Role of Depressive/Withdrawn Parenting. Child Psychiatry And Human Development, 35(2), 121-142. (how transitioning into a single parent can be hard.) Review: This article covers the grounds on how divorce can be harder on single moms than dads. Its not always the case but the husband is normally the one in the household that brings home the big check every month. This check normally pays all the bills and different things that may come up that are needed that month. Its hard for single mom to get on her feet to be able to support her kids and herself. The bills could go anywhere from having to pay two mortages, car payment, utility bills, child care, and etc. This could be very stressful and overwhelming at first trying to support yourself and your kids. Single moms are very inspirational to me because I’m not sure if I would be able to handle all of these changes and trying to be strong for my children. This article is very inspiring and made me realize that my problems are nothing compared to what a lot of the world has to go through and face.