Computer Input/Output Devices

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Computer Input/Output Devices by Mind Map: Computer Input/Output Devices

1. Speakers are just as important to education as monitors are because most educational software for children is both visual and auditory. Usually, when someone sees something exciting on a screen, the immediate response is to also want to hear what is going on. Audio makes the user experience more interactiv and dare i say fun.

2. Speakers are audio output devices that when connected to a computer, they allow the computer to respond to the user via sound. Whether its listening to sounds produced by interactions with the computer or the voice of someone on the other end of a video, speakers are another essential output device for computers.

3. In the classroom, monitors are essential for education if computers are being used. Because this generation has become very visual with television, cell phones and the internet, education with computers would not be very effective if at all without a monitor.

4. The monitor is the most essential output device available to the user because it can show text, graphic, and video. Monitors can also be used as an input device if they are equipped with a touch screen interface.

5. Speakers

6. Monitor

7. Output devices are used for the computer to communicate with the user. After the user inputs commands via input devices, the computer then responds or lets the user know it understood via an output device.

8. Keyboards can be used in education in that they allow the student to display their spelling skills. There is software available that helps students with dexterity by having them type as they look as the screen and it can help them improve their vocabulary.

9. Microphones are great alternative input devices to keyboards. They allow one the ability to speak commands, communicate with others, or recording sound on the computer. While commands to the computer can be dictated, a keyboard is still more useful in functionality.

10. Keyboards are essential to computers in that they allow the user to interact by typing commands and expressing themselves through different mediums like blogs, social media, word processors and much more. Even when a physical keyboard is not present, a virtual keyboard can usually be accessed because they have been deemed an essential input device.

11. Microphone

12. Keyboard

13. Input devices are what an individual uses to interact with a computer and give it commands. Without input devices, the the user has no way of using the computer.

14. Input Devices

15. Output Devices

16. Microphones can be used in education by allowing the students to interact verbally with others through computers. There is technology available that links two classrooms around the world and allows the students from each classroom to interact with each other via microphone and camera. This allows for a great interactive environment and better communication skills.