Goldfish and Guppies

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Goldfish and Guppies by Mind Map: Goldfish and Guppies

1. Science

1.1. Observe traits of fish

1.2. Record observations (with drawings and words)

1.3. Compare the differences (color, size, shape)

1.4. Make predictions as to how fish will react if we add something (plants, toys)

1.5. Diet: Keep them separate because goldfish will eat guppies.

2. Math

2.1. Sort and classify fish by color, shape, and size

2.2. Graph their reproduction or death (as morbid as that sounds!)

3. Social Studies

3.1. Being a good citizen to our animals. Goldfish will live up to 10 years if properly cared for.

3.2. Place of origin for goldfish: China

3.2.1. Identify China on a map and globe Discuss difference of map and globe

3.3. Place of origin for guppies: Central America and Brazil

3.3.1. Identify these places on map and globe

4. Literacy

4.1. What It's Like to be a Fish, by Wendy Pfeffer and Fishy Tales, by DK Publishing

4.1.1. Make predictions about what the books are about

4.1.2. Read aloud, asking questions throughout

4.1.3. Discuss author's purpose and story elements

4.1.4. Discuss whether these are fiction or non-fiction and why we think that

4.1.5. Create a fiction class story about goldfish and guppies

5. Art

5.1. Create a paper fish aquariums

5.2. Create "fish sticks," each child having either a goldfish or guppy

5.3. Have students put their fish in the correct aquarium (goldfish in one, guppies in another) They will be categorizing by characteristics and having to recall that the two species cannot dwell together.

6. Physical

6.1. Assign goldfish or guppy roles to children. (They will have a chance to switch roles). Play a type of "capture the flag" but only the goldfish may pull the flags off of the guppies. When all the guppies have been captured, they will switch roles. Then discuss how predators and prey might be similar: prey will try to avoid the predator.

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