The Great Gatsby 7th hour

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The Great Gatsby 7th hour by Mind Map: The Great Gatsby 7th hour

1. She seems

2. Tom is an unattentive husband, which is what ends up causing Daisy to have an affair with Gatsby.

3. Daisy Buchanan

3.1. Highly sought after by suitors before her marriage.

3.2. she seems not very smart

4. Tom Buchanan

4.1. Tom doesn't actually have a career but lives off of "old money."

5. Nick Carroway

5.1. Reserves judgment on others

5.2. Disapproves of Gatsby (pg154)

5.3. Claims he is one of few honest people that he has ever known

5.4. Considered truthful by many people close to him

6. Myrtle Wilson

6.1. Wants to have more money and be wealthier.

6.2. Tom's Mistress

7. George Wilson

7.1. A member of a class lower than Myrtle's.

7.2. Generally seen as weak and passive.

7.3. Owns a car repair shop, but also buys and sells cars

8. Jordan Baker

8.1. Plays golf like a boss!

8.2. LIAR (uncontrollably dishonest)

8.2.1. Lied about leaving the borrowed car in the rain with the top down

8.3. Met Nick at the Buchanan's when he described her as cold and emotionless

8.4. What she says cant be trusted.

9. Jay Gatsby

9.1. Wants to flaunt his money.

9.2. Wants Daisy to approve of him and everything he does.

9.3. A dreamer, but not in an entirely good way, spends years becoming wealthy through shady business to win back a girl that he hadn't seen in years.

9.4. Was in the car with Daisy when Myrtle was killed, tries covering up for Daisy by saying he was the one driving.

9.5. Green light at end of dock symbolizes Gatsbys love for Daisy and that she is always just beyond his reach.

10. Theme: As people obtain wealth or materials, their purity begins to fade.