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fan made mind map for the game Takedown by Mind Map: fan made mind map for the
game Takedown
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fan made mind map for the game Takedown

Fan made mind map for the upcoming realistic squad based tactical game "takedown" made by serellan LLC. The project was kickstarted in april 2012 from community members, and has a community involvement through the development lifecycle. This map has been made by forum community members. based on live Q&A responses and forum threads. This mind map is subject to change and should not be considered a definitive guide due to the public nature of accses to the map and ongoing development of the game.   Questions from Live Q&A   What is the biggest headache you are having in development so far? (3) Do you think Takedown will appeal America's Army 1.x/2.x ex-players? (3) Will Takedown have what it takes to appeal the players who are used to the COD/BF style of play? (3)  



SR-3 Vikhr, Note the m version is similar in function and design to the VSS Vintorez in sniper section but is different.

5.45 x 39mm


5.56 x 45mm NATO

Styer AUG (box)



Bofors Ak 5 (STANAG), Version C for ranged, Version D for compact

Daewoo K2 (STANAG), Korean rifle made from 1989-present.

HOWA type 89 (STANAG), is a Japanese assault rifle used by the Japan Self-Defense Forces,[6] the Japan Coast Guard's Special Security Team units,[6] and the Special Assault Team.[7] It was never exported outside of Japan due to its strict anti-hardware export policy. From wiki >120K built.

Mk 18 (STANAG)

M4 (STANAG), Colt America, CM 901 6.8mm x43mm spc, Stands for colt modular. Is can swap between multiple cal. On the field., M4A1 sf weapon in us, Land warfare resources corporation, LWRC M6 (STANAG), Uses about 80% of standard m4 parts, Colt Canada (export only), C8SFW (almost identical to M4A1 for sale outside us), UK sas rmp, Norway, Holland, Australia, Other AR-15 variants

H&K G3 (box), G3A3, G3A4

H&K 33 (box), No longer in production or marketed

HK416 (m416 STANAG)

MTAR 21. (STANAG), Can be converted to 9mm with kit, No current civilian model availble to buy

SIG SG550 (box)

SIG 552/553 comando (box)

M16, A1 (BOX), >1980 (draft STANAG)

Galil AR (BOX), With adapter will take m16 STANAG

SAR-21, Singapore designed and manufactured bullpup assault rifle meant to replace the locally made M16S1 rifle. Adopted by Singapore and Brunei as main military weapons, and used in certain units in the Thai military.


QBZ-95, QBZ-97A takes a standard NATO 5.56mm and STANAG mag. And has a additional 3 round burst on fire selector. Chinese rifle

7.62mm x 39mm

Seko RK95 TP, Produced between 1995-1998, Only 20000 made

AK47, Variants, Izhevsk Machine-building Plant AK-104-2 (AKA black Kalashnikovs feature addition fire modes such as single full and 3-round burst.

AK-12 (formerly АК-200), also availble in nato 7.62 and 5.56 but BOX only

RK 95 TP (AKA M95), Made for 3 years only (95-98) 20k units

7.62mm x 51mm nato




Was or is not in the current development plan

May be considered but has not featured in the game at this time, or is to be confirmed as viable for the development plan.

Is in the development plan but is not implemented in any form. This does not mean it will be in the game!

Has been dismissed to fans, as a non essential feature or out with the scope of the project, for resource/budget, technical reasons. but since it is a fan peer review of info and a dynamic project this could change.

This has been known to fans to be in the build and is expected to stay, however this could be removed for gameplay resources purposes

No flag or marker means it is a fan suggestion, or no information has been made availble on the feature in regards to the development plan

Fans requested

Character load outs

Guns, Pistols, 9mm, Beretta M9 (v.similar to 92fs), Glock 19, 9 x 18mm, APS stechkin, 9 x 19mm 7N21, Grach-18, 6P35 pistolet yarygina (PYa) or MP-433, 9x33mmR .357 mag, Colt python, S&W 686, .45 cal, Colt M1911, H&K Mk 23, .50 cal, .40sw, Usp, Sig sauer p226, Glock 23, Berreta 96A1, 5.7 x 28mm, FN Five-Seven (box), 7.62 x25mm, TT-33, 12.7 x 33mm, Desert eagle .50, .410 shotgun cartridge, Taurus judge, SMG, 5.7 x 28mm, FN P90 (box), 4.6x30mm, MP7, .45 cal, H&K UMP, 5.56mm, HK53 (not STANAG), Colt comando (STANAG), 9mm, CZ scorpion evo 3 a1, MP5 variants, MP5SD, MP5SD5, MP5A1, MP5A5, MP5K, PP-19 Bizon, helical 53 Nato round magazine, Shotguns, Remington 870, SPAS 12 secs, Benelli M4, Benelli Nova, Saiga-12, FN SLP, Mossberg 590, M590A1 (mil-spec, used by the US Army), Sniper, 699mm, DTA Covert .308win (16" barrel) 4.5kg, 894mm, VSS vintorez with suppressor 9x39mm 2.6kg, 952mm, M12 SPR less than 4.5kg with suppressor 1100mm, .223 (5.56x45mm NATO), 990mm, DSR-1 (26" std barrel) 5.9kg with suppressor estimate 1150mm, availble in.308 win, .308 win mag, .338LM, 1000mm, Sako T22 .308 win (short 510mm barrel) 5.1kg with suppressor 1170mm, 1006mm, Remington 700 SPS tactical (20" threaded barrel) .308 win 3.8kg with suppressor 1172mm (4.4kg no scope), 1008mm, DTA SRS 338LM (26" barrel) 5.6kg, proposed with department of defense as a CSASS system same as the m110 and most likley DSR. Bullpup gives more compact design, estimate 1050mm, DSR-1 Subsonic 5.9kg comes with integrated suppresor at receiver., 7.62x51mm NATO/.308 Winchester subsonic ammunition ONLY, 1029mm, M110 6.94kg (1181mm with suppressor), Note as of July 2012 army has asked for conversion of some 100-300 rifles/month to the CSASS (Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper System) to take the place of mk14 Ebr., 1092mm, M24A1 5.4kg, 7.62x51mm NATO, 1105mm, Armalite AR-10(t) 4.72kg .308 win, Close variants to this rifle but not the same would be the DPMS LRT-SASS and the M110 SASS, Lost to the m110 for SASS contract., 1111mm, DPMS LR-308 5.1kg, .308 win, 1128mm, SR-25 4.88kg (1273mm with suppressor), 1130mm, Weatherby vanguard 2 3.4kg (AKA HOWA M1500), Set to compete against the 700 Remington, 1150mm, Sako T22 (std barrel) 5.1kg with suppressor 1320mm, PSL dragunov similar to SVD but made in Romania based of the rpk lmg. 4.31kg hence why it is more compact, 1155mm, savage 110 BA .308 win 24" barrel 6.1kg with suppressor 1322mm, 1162mm, Remington 700 XCR tactical .300 win mag 3.8kg 26" barrel, 1180mm, AWM 300 6.5kg (1383mm with suppressor), .300 win mag, 1181mm, M24A3 5.6kg with suppressor 1244mm, upto .338LM, 1200mm, Sako T42 5.3kg with suppressor about 1400mm, .338LM, 1225mm, SVD 4.3kg no suppressor availble, 7.62mm x54mmR, 1230mm, AWSM 6.7kg (1407mm with suppressor), .338LM, PSG-1 7.21kg (1432mm with suppressor), 7.62x51mm NATO, PSG1A1 (MSG90), Import ban in US, Only 400 in hands of privates in US (wiki), Can take a 50 round drum, 1408mm, M82A1 14.75 kg with suppressor 1678mm, .50BMG, 1448mm, M107 12.9 kg, .50BMG, LMG, 5.56mm, H&K MG4 (link belt), H&K M27 IAR, M29 saw, 7.62mm, PKM (belt)

accessories, tazer, pepper spray

Maps non-linear design

Questions from the live Q&A How open will levels be around the engagement area? (3) What maps are you guys working on now that the biolab is at ~80% completion (3) NOTE this answer is really about map design scenarios. how do you make the game have big re-playability? (2) what will be the focus regarding the maps? (2) will the game feature fun failure states (alternative mission scripting)? (1) what scenarios are being considered for the game? (1) NOTE the answer is a high level overview of how a level is designed WRT playspace.

multiple objective missions with different Rules Of Engagements (ROE), coupled with semi-randomized enemy placememnts

Questions from the Live Q&A will there be secondary mission objectives like GRAW2 co-op (console) campaign? (2)

Supported players numbers

Question from the Live Q&A will game be co-op on singleplayer? (3) Decided already on number of teams and their sizes? (3) what is the player estimate for team size vs map size? (1)

Single Player mission mode (story), indicated 6 players, but could support more.

PVP, has been said this has more to do with the feel of the playspace during play it has been indicated that 12-16 is optimium with 12 being favoured.

approximate number of maps in the game is about 12, pending time!

Questions from the Live Q&A? Given the amount of time it's taken to do Biolab, how many maps do you think will ship in the game? (2) How many maps at launch? (2)

Training level

Questions from the live Q&A Can we practice our marksmanship skill in game at the in-game range or with drills? (3) so for snipers will maps allow play up to 300m with average engagement range of 150m? (1) NOTE comments on the gun range mentioned here. but also comments on engagements ranges also.

gun range, has been set up for weapon testing during devolpement, but has not yet been confirmed to be in the game.

kill house


Questions from the Q&A would you be able to split players into multiple teams? (2) on biolab, will it feature randomised doorways to increase non-linearity? (2) comments on biolab mission including insertion points and no death play throughs (3), link to briefing video

Compact with lots of cover

Objectives:-, Disarm bomb, Protect server

insertion points, Parking garage, Roof


Large, more open vertical level

Objectives:-, rescue hostages, unknown

Warehouse and trainyard

questions from the live q&a will we be able to partial open doors or peak? (1)

banned at the moment

desert/shanty town maps

Questions from the live Q&A   Will there be desert maps? (2)  

Real world missions or situations

Questions from the live Q&A Real world context to missions? (2)

Character load outs

Questions from the live Q&A will there be any weapons/gadgets like on the recent graw game? (2)


Questions from the live Q&A Our current mod system for weapon and systems is …… (3) which firearms company contacts do you have, to obtain licensing weapons rights for the game? (1)

Pistols, 92fs

SMG, H&K MP5, variants


Assault, G36C, Variants, G36KV, M4 (STANAG), Colt America, M4A1 sf weapon in us, Colt Canada (export only), C8SFW (almost identical to M4A1 for sale outside us), UK sas rmp, Norway, Holland, Australia

Sniper, LR-308 "AR-10"

Customizable, Paint skins, Tac lights, Sights, Magazines, Weapon Variants, Gun component, barrel, grips, gas systems, Under barrel launchers/ shotguns

Ammo, Non-lethal, Lethal, FMJ, Armor piercing, Hollow points, Soft points


Grenades, Frag, Flash, percussion, Smoke, Stinger, CS tear

proximity charges or devices, claymores, noise detectors, concussion traps, motion detectors

Optical, Night vision, Infrared

body armour

Others, Rope, Ladders as an equipment feature., Silencers, Gas Masks, gadgets/gimmicks, noise generators, Breaching charges, Xray vision through walls, heartbeat sensors


Questions from the Live Q&A How many combat roles/classes? How do they differ? (3) what customisation of character models and weapons will there be? (1)

selectable gender, Male, Female

selectable ethnicity and nationalility


Built using Unreal engine 3

Questions from the Live Q&A how good are the graphics in takedown? (2) why was unreal engine picked over others? (1)

Middleware likely to be ones packaged with UE3


Mod support toolsets


Questions from the Live Q&A what behaviours have you seen from early mockups in AI/Hostages? (2)

Enemy, Task specific (script driven), Threaten hostages, arm bombs, Behaviour driven, random patrols, Sound and lighting awear, Footprint aware, dead man's trigger

Freindly, Teammates, Contracted, can get killed on mission, will not return post op. single player only., Hostages



question from the live Q&A Has the money system you talked about, been scrapped? (3) any update on the money system? (2) will we have in game money? if yes will it be cosmetic only? (1)

IF used will not be for a weapon unlock system.

may only apply to single player


Questions from the live Q&A Have base statuses been implemented in the alpha for team members?(Ready/Fatigued/Wounded/Dead) (3) Is there a plan to implement a injury/gimp system similiar to Ravenshield? (3) Will there be vision be affected (blurred vision, etc) when taking fire. (3) have you decided how hit markers are shown?  

Upper body, shooting accuracy decreases

lower body, leg gimping

single player AI teammates, will be non-selectable for missions till wounds heal.

coop MP, unknown that a player can be incapacitated till end of mission without dying???

Hit markers, on screen blood splatter

Shooting system

(is dependent on both recoil and weapon accuracy) Questions from the Q&A on weapons, will they kick and need player input to return to norm and will they sway with breathing? (2)

Recoil, Holding breath, camera lifiting

Accuracy, weapon accuracy

Ballistics, Hit scan, projectile, Round penatration, tactical armour, surfaces, Glass std vrs bulletproof


mag count


Questions from the live Q&A there will be some lights that we can destroy? ep3 is there going to be night and day cycles? (3)

day night cycles

Game Menus (UI)

pregame, Lobby, Configrables?, Story/Misson mode (SP or CO-OP), mission playtime, Multiplayer, PVP, Force vs Force Modes, Death match, Last man standing, Attack/defend Objective, Siege styled mode, Alternate modes, Manhunt, smaller team game, e.g 4-5 players, smaller team may get pick of any weapon, Co op, Tango Hunt mode, randomised enemy placements., lobby weapon selection, customisable load-outs, Spectate, Leaderboards, Options, Sound, key combo voice commands, voice chat, dead players cannot voice chat to alive team mates during round as a default option, can be toggled off from menu, Screen, set up, HUD, Fan concept


Game saves

Peripheral Controls

Questions from live Q&Awill the game support accessibility options, for deal and colour blind? (1)

Keyboard, keys


Accessibility options, Captions, UI colourblind friendly


Questions from the live Q&A How many voice actors/languages will be used? (2) what is the goal for realistic sound? (1)

realistic soundscape, with limited soundtrack

detailed surround sound

in game radio chatter

Rich Douglas is the composer for soundtrack., sample tracks where used in the TD Kickstarter video found here


questions from the live Q&A Lately the biggest issue for players is hit detection and net code…what options do you have in mind? (2) what is the plan to support competitive play (clan, MLG)? (1) on console, would you be supporting "browse server" and "matchmaking"? (1) will TD support server lists and community features including MLG toolsets? (1)



Dedicated server files

Support Clan and MLG toolsets for competitive play


Questions from the Live Q&A when will we see in game footage? (2) What methods will be implemented to encourage teamplay/discourage lonewolf play? (3)


Questions from the live Q&A Christian you did service time, how did you use that to help make the game? (2) what is the plan for the art direction? (1)

Character, Interaction, zip cuff, Drag (casualties), Movement, Lean & peak, Fluid lean & peak, Hip fire, enemy AI, Player, Crouch, Run, Prone, Clamber, Jump, jumping may be replaced by a clamber system., Melee/knife, Grenade, Underarm, Over arm, Arcs, Cooking, Taunts (multiplayer), Hand signals, Gore/blood, Conservative, enough to indicate a hit, Dismemberment, Female player models, AI Enemy characters, Security guard, other PMC, Cartels, Biker gangs

Environment, Breaching, Doors, contextual action, crack and frag, different door types which would give different contextual options, e.g Open, closed, locked, heavy, Windows, Interactive Elevators, See map "facility", Cover system, Security cameras, Distructible, only minor damage modeling, Bullet Penetration, Weather, Snow, Footprints, bullet holes, foilage, grass, Fixed gun emplacements


Mission planning

Questions from the live Q&A Is a R6/RS/RvS style Planning Phase still on the table? Has the team begun to implement this feature? (3)

Real time mission planning

engagement ranges

Questions from the live Q&Aso for snipers will maps allow play up to 300m with average engagement range of 150m? (1)


Questions from the live Q&AWill PVP be PMC vs PMC, or PMC vs terrorist's? (2)


PMC vs bad guys

Camera views

Questions from the live Q&A Shoulder view or aim down sights? (2) is there way to move camera separate from the gun? (free look) (2)

Free look

Over the shoulder which scopes into optics

Third person, may be used in PC spectate/review mode, PS version will evaluate TPS

Consultants as external contributors

Questions from the live Q&A are you planning on using multiple consulting services (SF, police)? (2)


Developed for pc first and foremost with fps view

Questions from the live Q&A will the game be sold internationally? (2) what digital distribution service will TD use? (1)

Windows 32/64 bit, Xp, Vista, 8, 7




Due to large socom following tps view may be evaluated


Newer macs running boot camp may be able to run takedown

Wii U

User Created Content

Questions from the Live Q&A what plans for mission scripting, will it use bespoke ME or kismet? (2) will the best user created mod content be collected and released as a dlc expansion pack? (1)


Questions from the Live Q&A will you have a user friendly way to config. custom missions on serellan maps or do we need UDK to do it? (1)