Cooperative Learning

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Cooperative Learning by Mind Map: Cooperative Learning

1. Positive Interdependence

1.1. Each group member is fully engaged in their group work

1.2. Each group member has specific role

2. Face -to-Face Promotive Interaction

2.1. Group members assist each other in understanding

2.2. Group members encourage each other's success

3. Individual Accountability/ Personal Responsibility

3.1. Each group member must master the content being studied

3.2. Each group member is accountable for their own learning within the group

4. Interpersonal and Small-Group Skills

4.1. Skills taught for effective communication

4.2. Skills taught for effective cooperation

4.2.1. Leadership

4.2.2. Decision-making

4.2.3. Trust-building

4.2.4. Communication

4.2.5. Conflict-management skills

5. Group Processing

5.1. Group must assess their effectiveness and make changes accordingly