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1. Class

1.1. Strengths

1.1.1. People class themselves in different classes so they will watch what they feel connects to their chosen class.

1.2. Weaknesses

1.2.1. It may put people in a difficult place as it might relate to them but they enjoy the show.

1.3. A, B, C1, C2, D1, D2, E.

2. Age

2.1. Strengths

2.1.1. People from a younger generation are able to relate to things that appeal to them, for example a cartoon that may involve the characters doing silly things. When used in cinemas it helps people make the right choices about what to see and what they are allowed to see.

2.2. Weaknesses

2.2.1. if you liked a film that you saw advertised, you may not be the right age and this may cause some frustration.

3. Religion

3.1. Strengths

3.1.1. Some programs appeal to

3.2. Weaknesses

3.2.1. It is quite easy to offend people, for example if soeone was to make a science program about the big bang, this may cause some religious groups to

4. Gender

4.1. Strengths

4.1.1. Having different things that relate to different genders can be successful as people may be able to understand things clearer and respond positively. For example chick flicks, they aim them at women but they know that men will take their ladies out to see it.

4.2. Weaknesses

4.2.1. Somethings that people may like might not be considered, for example, some beer adverts are aimed at men, when there is ladies that drink beer, therefore making people feel left out.

5. Ethnicity

5.1. Some adverts target certain audiences for example, black people hair adverts. They feature just black people in the adverts, this may be seen as discrimination, as white people may have thick hair too, and feel that they may not be able to use the product.

6. Location

6.1. Strengths

6.1.1. This is good for people that live in the country as certain things appeal to them. People from the same location may like the same kind of things, they also get the kind of jokes that may be said.

6.2. Weaknesses

6.2.1. People from different locations may find it harder to get what is said, this may be because of accents and certain humour used. This is also a problem for radio stations as some places can only get specific stations.