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WaterWorld by Mind Map: WaterWorld
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The World

The Villages

General, Two floating villages, the smokers, and the other ones, can't remember the name.

The Atoll Dwellers, A wooden, floating village with lots of bridges and a big front gate., Has Shops, Docks, A place where Chests are stored. And an area for farming plants, and a bar.

The Smoker Village, An old oil tanker, with building docks inside and opening doors, lots of inside areas., Has a shop, a bar, indoor Docks, a mechanic place for building more advanced weapons.

The Borders/Outposts, Serve as border defence, and trading stations for any faction., NPC Controlled

The Water

General, The seabed is covered in ruins, full of soil and salvage.

The Salvage/Diving Zones

General, There are areas of non killer water where players can go diving, but they need a boat to get to them.

The Teams


First time joining - Players will spawn on a lifeboat thing, and choose which team they want to join, and they get a push in the direction of their new team, and just kinda float into their village.

Inviting system - When a player doesn't belong to a team(they can leave the team through a derma menu) , they can be invited to a team, or become a nomad/pirate.

The Smokers

They love smoking, smokes are currency too on their base, they just want to kill the Atoll Dwellers.

The Atoll Dwellers

The peaceful faction, full of farmers, traders, and guards to protect them.

The Drifters

The nomadic loners, with humans, and those mutant people that can swim really deep without equipment.

The Pirates/Slavers

The name says it all, violent, bloodthirsty, and pretty terrible people.

The Gameplay

The Main Goal

The Main Story, Somewhere in the world, there is a map, which will respawn once every 2 hours or something, no matter where it is. This map reveals the locations of 3 ancient relics, which when collected create a big gun that can attack the drifters, or, a big shield which will protect from attacks until the map and relics are respawned.

As A Smoker, You are looking for the map, which will lead you to relics which will give you the power to attack the other village., By making the gun, you can attack the drifters or pirates, and steal salvage, soil, plants, and fuel to stay alive. Perhaps the gun just puts all the people within the targeted radius into stasis, so they can be killed, or robbed.

As An Atoll Dweller, You are looking for the map, which will lead you to the relics which will give you the power to protect yourselves and establish defences.

As A Drifter, You are trying to survive, you can trade with scavengers, farm, and go diving, you just need a boat in order to get to one of the few nomadic settlements.

As A Pirate/Slaver, As a Slaver, you capture helpless Drifters, or can attack small settlements, and sell them to the smokers or pirates, they will have to work for their new owners until the Map is respawned, when they can attempt an escape., As a Pirate you can raid and pillage, pretty much do what you like, but you don't belong to any particular faction, you can make friend/enemies, betray, back stab people all you like. But this is a lonely life, and you first need a boat, you can't just become a pirate.

How To Build Ships

Salvage, You can dive, trade, build, and steal salvage, used to build boats, consists of barrels, planks of wood, crates, sheets of metal, doors, anything and everything.

Propulsion, Engines? could be simplified to thrusters or a propulsion swep, you shoot the water, and it paddles.., Fuel?

Warfare, Melee, General, Available Weapons, Fists, Sticks, Harpoons/Spears, Knives, Swords/Cutlasses, Projectiles, General, Available Weapons, Rocks, Pistols - Old and Rusty, Crossbows, Rifles - Old and Rusty, Shotguns- Old and Rusty, Rocket Launcher - INCREDIBLY Rare., Cannons, General, Available Weapons

How To Make Money


Diving For Soil

Farming, Farming Crops, Fishing


Secondary Ideas


Inventory, Max Weight System, Chest, Players have a chest on their boat or base, depending on what they are., Ability to drop items

Skills, Food Processing Skills, Trading Bonuses, Weapon Aptitudes

Faction Specific, The Atoll Dwellers, Farmer, Guard, The Smokers, Jetski Riding/Scout, Guard

Grabbing system, Instead of using the physgun or the gravgun, we're going to use a system like the pick up system in hl2. Players will pickup stuff with e. Light stuff like a sodacan is easy to pick up, but heavy stuff like a sodadispenser cannot be lifted, but can be pulled., Also, the more people there is to help lift, the heavier the objects that can be lifted.

Water gameplay

Drowning System, When a player's stamina runs out, they start to sink below the surface of the water, and cannot get back up, then they will begin to run out of breath, soem kind of blue overlay. then they'll go dark, and die., When the player is downing, ragdoll them and make their view follow the ragdolls eyes.

Stamina System, When a player falls/jumps into water, they loose stamina for the duration of the time they spend in the water. this could be shown in a bar, but i suggest some dynamic screen effect, I dont like the ideas of health bars or anything like that. but im really picky and it may be too comlex to do that kinda thing.




Fishing, Fishing Pole/Harpoon, Fishing Net

Growing, Vegtables, Fruits



General, Atoll Dwellers and Drifters can have livestock, anyone can fish.

Animals Available, Fish, Cows, Pigs, Dogs, Goats, Sheep


Rich Soil, Very fertile, worth rather a lot.

Arid Soil, Basic stuff, not worth much, not very fertile.

First Priorities



Database- MySQL

Loading/Saving Character

Teams - Invite/Join/Leave system

Basic Derma for Teams, Inventory




Custom Content Required



Wooden planks

Packet of smokes


Relics (3)

Plant Pots (3)








Pistols (2)

Rifles (2)


Rocket Launcher

Paddle SWEP