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Winds by Mind Map: Winds
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How can the winds be used as a catalyst to change?

7 Steps to Successful Change Management

Hurricans and Torrnadoes DO hit

how can we batton down the hatches?

Is this wind too strong for us to whether?

Prepare by predicting patterns

Winds outside of your control


Prevailing Winds

Global Entrepreneurship Week

Global Economic Climate

The Global Brainstorm

Local Winds

Friends & family

Collagues and Peers

Like minded local communities

Mentors within reach

More than one community/network

Find the stories that support you

Like minded hobbies

Use peer pressure for focus and motivation

Build your own community

Who are you surrounding yourself with?

Metaphorically representing all external influences that exist outside of your control

You can't see the wind

You see its affects

You can't control the wind

You can only harness it to your advantage

Weaker Winds

WInds you'd like to harness more