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Jiajun by Mind Map: Jiajun

1. Free music streaming


1.1.1. International social service Interaction with content sharing 65 thousand new users daily Customized playlist that is individualised

1.1.2. Content sharing Contents include digital media types which includes blogs, photos, audio, and video Similar to Flickr and youtube

1.1.3. popular in blogs


1.2.1. UK- based Music community Web Users are able to create playlists

1.2.2. Free streaming More than 30 million users Advantages Does not support illegal downloading Users are linked to should the copyright disallow streaming of more than 30 seconds.

1.2.3. Very popular Users are able to pst playlists at eg: blog



2. music streaming websites

2.1. limewire

2.1.1. before limewire?

2.2. napster

2.3. bit-torrent

2.3.1. illegal? yes!

2.4. upload your mp3 playlist

2.5. Pandora

2.5.1. knows songs u like