100 Solutions for Sleep Problem because Stress

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100 Solutions for Sleep Problem because Stress by Mind Map: 100 Solutions for Sleep Problem because Stress

1. Problem It is said that stress is the main cause for not sleeping. One of nowadays most frequent sources of stress is the Crisis: due to economic problems, unemployment. Solving these issues could be quite a useful challenge. Make people happier in hard times.

1.1. hmmm

2. Plan

2.1. Goals

2.1.1. Goal 1

2.1.2. Goal 2

2.2. Rules

2.2.1. Session Rule 1

2.2.2. Session Rule 2

2.3. Define Problems

2.4. Capture Ideas

2.5. Prioritize Ideas

2.6. Define Action Points

3. Prioritize Ideas

3.1. High Priority

3.2. Medium Priority

3.3. Low Priority

4. Action Points

4.1. Action Point 1

4.2. Action Point 2

5. Ideas

5.1. 61

5.2. 71

5.3. 81

5.4. 91

6. 41. Make a room completely dark, it is easier to fall asleep in complete darkness 42. Buy a new mattress and pillows which are more comfortable 43. Take your dog or cat to bed (pets help people relax in stressful situations) 44. Put a bunch of dried lavenders near your bed (this plant is known to help people fall asleep) 45. Make temperature a little bit lower in the room, it’s easier to relax in cool environment 46. Sing yourself a lullaby :) 47. Practice some ritual which you do only before you go to sleep 48. Remember what was the most boring subject which made you yawn at university and reread those notes 49. Use earplugs to limit all the sounds, it will be easier to relax then 50. Do not take naps during daytime, because it will be more difficult to fall asleep at night 51. Buy a rocking chair and sit in it rocking for some time 52. Curl your toes several times to relax faster (found this in http://lifehacker.com/5942366/curl-and-uncurl-your-toes-to-help-you-relax-and-fall-asleep-faster) 53. Have a light snack some time before sleeping (it’s difficult to fall asleep if you’re hungry), but don’t overeat 54. Stretch your muscles, it helps you to relax 55. Prioritize your activities and then focus on the most important objectives. 56. check if you're left brained or right brained and adopt your approaches to daily planning and life management accordingly (see L.J.Seiwert: Slow down to speed up) 57. have firm goals 58.Planning some quiet, solitary time with nothing to do 59. Meditating and letting your mind rest 60. Taking a refreshing walk.

7. 21 One approach to this is to understand how to make the crisis a non-crisis:Get Very Clear about the objective you want to achieve in managing the crisis. Have a "check my thinking" conversation: Create a monologue 22 The Takeaway: A crisis is usually a bad situation that you didn’t expect or don’t have a plan for. Understanding the outcome you want is key to setting priorities. Once you have a clear goal, you can create a plan to get there, and then you no longer have a crisis. Create a list of goals and put it in a drawer and make a bet with a friend to try and make them come true.. 23 Stop thinking too much and foster a positive attitude 24Practice gratitude and forgiveness. Be grateful for your life and the people in it.--> Do charity work, volunteer 25 To remain calm and use the crisis as a time to reflect and possibly make some changes in yourself and your life: Meditate 26Try the big dreams/small steps approach.Embrace the excitement of the potential to completely transform yourself and your life in a few fell swoops, like people seem to do in movies and books. Then allow that excitement to fuel your efforts to identify where and how you can begin to make changes in your life. 27 Learn new skills. 28 Use networks to identify possible opportunities. Attend parties and events to meet positive people. 29 Be Creative, try to find new ways to express yourself. 30Searching for inexpensive alternatives to expensive vacations such as local sights can help reconnect us with our communities, and provide some stress-relieving exercise. Also find some inexpensive entertainment, thrills, arts, and culture while providing some needed distraction. 31Hypnotherapy 32. Always having a pen and paper (or a voice recorder) next to the bed in order to write down the ideas/ problems/ tasks etc. as soon as they arise (during the night). That way your mind is free and it is easier getting back to sleep. 33. Go swimming in the evening (for me it helped in childhood because it was very tiring activity) 34. Practice yoga 35. Watch special YouTube videos which help you relax and fall asleep 36. Go to Sleep Disorders Therapy center to get help with falling asleep 37. Don’t go to sleep today (and you’ll get asleep more easily tomorrow :)) 38. Learn self-hypnosis and use it to induce sleep 39. Drink relaxing herb tea 40. Talk about stressful situation with someone who can help you calm down

8. 1. Give and receive 5 minutes of anti-stress massage with a partner (friend, familiar, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc) 2. Write a brief notes everyday in a journal (physical or virtual) 3. Sing a song in high volume 4. Watch a cartoon or hilarious videos before to sleep 5. Listen an optimistic song before to sleep 6. Make a call, write a text message, post facebook message, etc with a friend or member of family (trying to give and receive nicely words about the day) 7. Get a blackboard and add photos, pictures, or something nice or tender to watch 8. Get a pillow with positive messages on the pillowcase, one for the morning after sleep, one for night before to sleep 9. Disconnect all the electronic devices and see what happens 10. Get a thing with a pleasant and relax smell, something that brings nice memories 11. Tell at least 5 positive words about one self before to sleep 12. Get a blackboard beside of bedroom and let write or draw anything in any order 13. During the day chose 5 words in stressful situations, in the end of the day try to construct a joke , riddle, poetry 14. Make a blanket of buttons, everyday chose a button and color for each day according with level of stress and sew it in the blanket, at the end of the year it could result a work of art (Maybe green for an excellent day, red for a bad day, etc) 15. Post on the roof some messages about “good health with a good sleep” as a reminder that we need to care about ourselves. For example: http://www.quotegarden.com/sleep.html 16 Turn radio, tv off specially for the news 17 Read a book about jokes 18 Go to a comedy show or watch one 19 Go for a walk in a park, do some jogging, hang out in the garden to get some fresh air... 20 Take a hot shower, prepare a spa relaxing session at home

9. 61. Taking off your watch after work 62. stay positive - include some fun in your daily plan 63. maintain a success diary 64. Don’t overschedule – Plan activities for only 60% of your day. Leave 20% of your time for the unexpected and 20% for socializing. 65. think like Till Eulenspiegel: "Slow down to speed up" 67. create a metaphor and carry it with you; e.g. carry a picture of a relax chair in your wallet; look at it everytime you feel stressed in order to think of your own "calm down story" 68. drink alcohol until you fall asleep 69. ask someone to knock you out 70. reduce oxygen in your room 71- Breathing techniques; 72- To play a game that make us tired. (ex: sudoku) 73- To get a temporary distraction (use imagination at the moment) 74- Eat something light before sleeping (if you are hungry is difficult to fall asleep) 75- Don't eat a too much before sleeping (full stomach can make us have a bad time) 76- Have warm bath before sleeping. It's really relaxing. 77- Aromatherapy can help you to fall asleep 78 Disable all the other electronic lights, like blinking LEDs of your clock, etc. 79 Listen to some nature sounds, relaxing sounds of waves or rain can help you sleep. 80 Change sleep position. Changing position can help you feel more comfortable.

10. 81 If you have a sleep disorder try to get a MD. He can help you with some prescribed drugs. 82 Use a flashlight to go to other rooms. Turn on the light can make you awake. 83 Use only your bed to sleep. Try to make your brain learn that the bed is only for sleeping, not to watch tv or other stuff. 84 Use sunlight to set the biological clock. When you awake go to your window and watch the sun during a period of time. 85 Label different types of beverages or meals with relaxing & positive names, as peace, love, happiness, goodwill, hope, kindness, etc., then take it before to sleep, remember that mind is so powerful, that could help to feel better and relaxed. 86. Open the window and curtains and take a look outside, take your time to admire the moon, the stars, the sky, finally take a deep breathe before go to your bed. 87. Get an accomplice and take sleep caring of each other, supervise his/her sleeping schedule, try to be honest and rigid with your report of sleeping time. 88. Write to yourself telling how did you feel during the day, but you will read that notes on weekends, and you'll evaluate your own life and what you'll change to make it easier and happier. 89. Make a call to "Anonimous Noctambulant" and ask for help. You'll have only five minutes to explain your main worries or whatever you want to say. A patient adviser will listen to you and give some tips. You are not alone. 90. Get a picture of yourself as a child and hold it at night, imagine that you must to care of that child and try to find a way to care for a good sleeping. 91. Insert a coin into a piggybank for every hour less of sleeping, that money will be donated to your mother-in-law, your brother-in-law, or someone whose don't like you. 92 - There are now lots of apps available on iOS, Android, BB and Windows Phone market that can help you fall asleep. 93 - What till you are very tired. If you are tired you will fall asleep in a fastest way. 94 - Call you girlfriend (or boyfriend) all tell her how much you love her. And ask her if you can talk with her until you sleep. 95 - Go to your or girlfriends (or boyfriend) house and sleep with her. It's better to sleep with someone. 96 - Go to your closet and pick some random family pictures. I bet you're grandmothers already showed you them lot's of times. It's bored for you to see them again. You will get a night sleep for shore. 97 - Watch some random TV channel that only show nature and the sound is only nature sounds. You have an example: MyZenTV. 98 - Buy a sleep eye mask if you can sleep with light. 99 - Play tickles fight, see who can resist the most 100 -Every day, think of at least three things that you are grateful for and write them down in a "Gratitude Journal" 101 - Join a laughter club 102 - Find Humor In Your Life: Instead of complaining about life's frustrations, try to laugh about them. If something is so frustrating or depressing it's ridiculous, realize that you could 'look back on it and laugh.' You can act it in front of somebody else or to yourself in front of the mirror. 103 - "Fake It Until You Make It": Just as studies show the positive effects of smiling occur whether the smile is fake or real, faked laughter also provides the benefits mentioned above. Buy yourself a smiling mask and wear it when you´re sad or stressed, this might make others want to cheer you up or you can play they have to guess your face expression under the mask.

11. 104 - Playing With Kids.Do you have enough fun? Playful interaction with kids can change your state of mind. 105 - Singing. Loudly. Belting out one of your favorite tunes, either with CD backup or a cappella, can be a great stress release. Imagine yourself as a superstar. 106 - Have a Regular Game Night 107 - Take A 'Playcation' where you stay in your hometown, but plan fun events with family and friends. 108 - Hugs and cuddles 109 - Play with pets 110 - Daydream about fun times, being the best at something, or just lying in a beautiful field are all things most kids know how to create, and do so naturally. Your inner child can keep that creativity alive while reducing stress. 111-Sex 112-Breathing exercises 113.Progressive muscle relaxation