The institutions of the EU

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The institutions of the EU by Mind Map: The institutions of the EU

1. European Council

1.1. sets the EU's overall political directions

1.2. has no power to pass laws

1.3. led by its president (Herman Van Rompuy)

1.4. comprises national heads of states or government

1.5. meets for a few days at a time at least every 6 months

2. European Parliament

2.1. represents the EU's citizens

2.2. directly elected by Eu's citizens

2.3. three main goas:

2.3.1. debate and passes European laws with the Council,

2.3.2. scrutinises other EU institutions to make sure they are working democratically

2.3.3. debates & adopts the EU budget

3. Council of the European Union

3.1. represents the governments of the individual member countries.

3.2. not an EU body at all

3.3. passes EU laws

3.4. approves the annual EU budget

4. European Commission

4.1. represents the interest of the Union as a whole

4.2. president of European Commission nominated by the European Council

5. Court of Justice

5.1. upholds the rule of European law

5.2. has one judge per EU country

6. Court of Auditors

6.1. checks the financing of the EU's activities

6.2. audits EU finances

6.3. ensures that EU taxpayers get maximum value of their money

7. The European Central Bank

7.1. the bank works with the central banks in all member countries

7.2. two main purposes:

7.2.1. to keep prices stable, especially in eurozone countries

7.2.2. keep the financial system stable

7.3. task is to set key interest