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Art as a Window by Mind Map: Art as a Window
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Art as a Window

Discover new worlds


photo-based arts The Museum of Computer Art .This site can help us while we are planing for our collaboration.

discovering cultures





Different fashionable custumes. i.e. Hungarian Dress,


How does art communicate to children. What stories can it tell them or how can they express themselves.

Art as therapy

Using art as therapy. How children communicate. ie. having students draw themselves crossing a body of water toget to the other side. Some may draw themselves in a boat, others may use a bridge to cross. This is a fun activity.

Using Hands

Discover new worlds

body art

Using parts of your body to produce art. ie. a floor painting using your hair, or rolling on the floor in paint and making a painting.

in different cultures

body tatooing in different cultures

digital arts

using photographs and cutting them up to make a picture.

a bridge between diverse cultures

How different they might be or how the same

learning through pictures

this is what I see; what do YOU see?


a window to understanding; war; peace; enlightenment

Architecture building blocks

Stain glass

craft, hobby

religion, churches

story telling

Ottoman Arts(Islamic Art)

This site from Los Angeles Museum of art: This site is showing The Islamic Art in The Metropolitan Museum of Art : This is a site for Ottoman