Five Themes Of Geography

Siya V
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Five Themes Of Geography by Mind Map: Five Themes Of Geography

1. continental climate

1.1. cold winters

1.1.1. hot summers

2. The effect of water bodies

2.1. Places near bodies of water are cooler and more comfortable

2.2. They usually have a maritime climate

2.3. maritime climate

2.3.1. warm summers and slightly cold winter

3. climates

3.1. polar climate

3.1.1. really cold winters and cool summers siberia

3.2. tropical climate

3.2.1. hot tempuratures singapore

3.3. temperate climate

3.3.1. moderate tempurates australia

4. trellis drainage

4.1. a rectangular pattern

4.1.1. created if water flows over soft and hard rock

5. drainage patterns

5.1. dendritic patterns

5.1.1. a tree like pattern

5.1.2. created if the rivers go over one type of rock

6. shield cone and composite cone

6.1. shield cone-a valcano made of only magma

6.2. composite cone-made of layers of magma and cinder.

7. small landholders

7.1. mexico,south america,africa,and south asia

7.2. they grow food as a family , and then they barter it.

7.3. weather is harsh on the family so they may die cause of it.

7.3.1. and they are always close to poverty

8. shifting cultivators

8.1. they used machetes to clear out small jungles

8.2. they would grow corn and other things.

8.3. soil erosion is an issue when the rural population increases in the rain forest

9. natural disasters/tropical storms

9.1. tropical disturbance

9.1.1. cool air blows into swirling warm air by the sun

10. tsunami

10.1. begins in oceans

10.2. tsunamis ussually are occured of underground natural disasters such as earth quakes.

11. tornadoes

11.1. the pacific ring of fire is where tornadoes mostly occur in the pacific.

11.2. they mostly occur at tornado alley

11.3. caused when warm air and cold air collide.

12. hurricanes

12.1. originate from warm waters

12.1.1. Coast of Africa Pacific Ocean

13. cyclones

14. typhoons

15. volcanoes

15.1. ussually occur at the edges of plates

15.2. valcanoes are ussually found in the pacific ring of fire and the mid atlantic ridge

16. earthquakes

16.1. an earth quake shakes the earth about every three minutes.

16.2. most earthquakes cannot do alot of damage but larger ones can be very destructive

17. landforms patterns

18. shield regions

18.1. get worn out by water ice and wind

18.2. created by volcanic activity billions of year before

18.2.1. and example is the canadian shield

18.3. made of igneous and metamorphic rock

19. plains and lowlands

19.1. an example is the saint laurence lowlands

19.2. made of sedimentary rock

19.3. the erosion of sheild regions ceated everything else then rivers etc. carried sediment to the ancient seas, and it made thick beds

20. fold mountains

20.1. two plates collide and one gets pushed under which starts to make layers fold to create a fold mountain.

20.2. made of sediment

20.2.1. the rocky mountains

21. Climate

21.1. The effect of moving air

21.1.1. Hot air floats and eventually creates rain

21.1.2. when air rises it cools down and it creates water droplets that make clouds

21.2. The effect of latitude

21.2.1. The warmest areas are closest to the equator

21.2.2. Less concentrated latitudes are near the south and North Pole

21.2.3. Antarctica is the coldest

21.3. The effect of mountains

21.3.1. Cooler at the peak

21.3.2. Usually has loads of precipitation

21.4. The effect of ocean currents

21.4.1. Effects coastal temperatures

21.4.2. Warm waters flow away and cold flow towards coastlines/equators


22.1. The effect of climate

22.1.1. Water ice and wind create the sediments that lead to the creation of soil

22.1.2. Heavy rain fall and tumbling streams tear down rocks throughout time.

22.1.3. Climate is what helps to create soil

22.2. The effect of soil

22.2.1. Soil profile:a cross section of soil, that are layers of the crust in earth

22.2.2. Permafrost: a permanent frozen ground

22.3. The effect of natural vegatation

22.3.1. Shifting cultivation: a type of farming tht farmers do in the rain forest!!

22.4. nomadic herders

22.4.1. animals are bartered for luxuries

22.4.2. africa,central asia and the middle east

22.4.3. these animals provide the herders with many things such as milk,meat,hides and hair.

22.4.4. they survive on there abilitys that help animals.

22.5. commercial agriculture

22.5.1. grow crops etc. and sell it for a profit

22.6. organic food

22.6.1. foods grown without chemicals fertilizers etc.

22.7. subsistence agriculture

22.7.1. is when you only farm for the family

22.8. intensive farming

22.8.1. when you get food from small lands

22.9. extensive farming

22.9.1. a samml amount work on a big area