Tracy's life session 3

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Tracy's life session 3 by Mind Map: Tracy's life session 3

1. step 11

1.1. Review and evaluate

1.2. Group members

1.3. Chairman

1.4. Scribe

1.5. Tutor

1.6. Material

1.7. 10 minutes

2. Step 9

2.1. Review session 3

2.2. visualize the data and theory

2.3. 20 minutes

3. Step 10

3.1. Management (for the individual)

3.1.1. heroin pharmacological methadon buprenorphine clonidine narixone nonpharmacological aqua puncture therepy screening supporting groubs change the gang " life style " involve in activities involve boy friend rihabbilitation caunciling prenatal care education diets

3.1.2. HCV do nothing because the transmition is only 2% increase to 20% if the mother have HIV INCREASE IF THERE IS PLACENTA ROPTURE cesarean section decrese the percantage tretment after delevary interpheron alpha PCR for RNA vaccination for hipatitis A it is self limiting treatment 50% for the fetus breast feeding for the fetus after delevary

3.1.3. BABY (nicole) high risk of niglegt screening live with other persone dipression rules of the country high risk of being adict

3.1.4. violance miscarege suicide thought pregnant women with opioid have more risk 47% than normal woman poor prenaital care involve boy friend in treatment social services financial support psychological therepy

3.1.5. others alchol intake cut down binzo cutdown prenatal visits education screen the boy friend for HBV HCV

3.2. Prevention (for the population)

3.2.1. clean needles

3.2.2. safe intercorse

3.2.3. self hygiene

3.2.4. blood screening in blood transfusion

3.2.5. clean items in barber shops

3.2.6. provide jobs

3.2.7. investment for rehabs

3.2.8. awarness and education

3.2.9. previous addicts campains

3.2.10. speritual aspects

3.2.11. recriation facilites

3.3. 60 minutes