Electricity and Magnetism

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Electricity and Magnetism by Mind Map: Electricity and Magnetism

1. On a magnet there is a north and south pole.

1.1. When north and a north pole enter each others magnetic field they repel.

1.1.1. Just like the north and north pole the south and the south pole repel each other when one of the magnets enter one of the magnets magnetic field.

1.2. Just like the north pole, if a south and south pole goes into each others magnetic field they repel.

1.3. But if a north and south pole enter each others magnetic field they attract to each other.

2. When one magnet touches a steel or iron object it induces then the iron or a steel object turns into a temporary magnet.

2.1. But because the magnet is temporary it does not get all of the magnets force.

3. Sometimes water can make electricity.

4. All magnets can only stick to iron/steel objects.

5. Electricity makes a force called static which holds a little bit of electricity.

6. Electricity is made out of electric waves in the air.