Magnetism and Electricity

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Magnetism and Electricity by Mind Map: Magnetism and Electricity

1. There is a north pole and a south pole in every magnet.

1.1. South poles repel each other.

1.2. North poles repel each other.

1.3. Different poles attract each other

2. Magnets only stick to items that are made out of steel or iron.

3. When a magnet sticks to a another object the object becomes a temporary magnet.

4. There is always a magnetic field.

4.1. When a steel, iron or a magnet passes the magnetic field the object repel or attract.

5. Electricity is a power that helps electronics work.

5.1. It helpes the lighter to lit up the building.

6. Magnets mostly attract to metal objects.

7. If there is a gap in between the magnet the force gets weaker.

7.1. If there are more spaces in between the magnet the lesser washers it can hold on before the force breaks.

8. Water and metal lets the electric pass through easier

9. Windmills collect from air power.

10. You can hurt yourself if you use it the wrong way