Electricity and magnetism

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Electricity and magnetism by Mind Map: Electricity and magnetism

1. Magnets have a north pole and a south pole

1.1. North poles and North poles repell

1.1.1. south poles and north poles attract

2. Magnets only stick to things with steal or iron.

3. Magnetism has a magnetic field .

4. You need electricity to turn on lights.

5. If there's a thick thing between the magnet and the iron or steel the chances of sticking will be bad.

6. If you put a nail on a donut magnet, then the nail turns out to be a temporary magnet. The nail can stick to things because it turns to a temporary magnet.

7. Magnets can stick through things.

8. If there is a thin item between a magnet and the iron and steal, there is a likely chance to be sticked