Teen Pregnancy

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Teen Pregnancy by Mind Map: Teen Pregnancy

1. Physical changes in the body system

2. Can die in labor or other complications

3. Lose out on usual teenage activities and fun

4. Having to take on adult responsibilities

5. Adoption

6. If they are going to marry their partner

7. Trust between parents and friends is broken

8. How are they going to support there child

9. Long-Lasting Effects

9.1. Tough Decisions

9.2. Changes in lifestyles

10. Drop Out of High School

10.1. Embarrassment

11. Stress

11.1. Responsibility of taking care of a child

11.2. Emotional Effects

12. Financial Concerns

13. Changing Relationships

14. Death

15. peer pressure

15.1. drinking

15.2. bullied

16. Money

17. Preventive measures

18. Abortion

19. State programmes supporting teen mothers

20. useful vocabulary

21. Highschool programmes

22. partying