Katie's Lifespan Map

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Katie's Lifespan Map by Mind Map: Katie's Lifespan Map

1. Middle Adulthood: 40-65 years

1.1. Physical

1.1.1. Bifocals are a must for me, but I will look so stylish in my variety of specs to choose from...my eyes may fade, but my fashion won't. Still physically active outdoors biking, skiing, and traveling. Will very much enjoy "the change of life" and so will my hubby with the possibility of pregnancy gone and the kids leaving home, the heat in the bedroom will be turned up...the empty nest will be nice.

1.2. Cognitive

1.2.1. I will still enjoy the challenges work will bring to keep me on my toes and at the top of my game. Assisting my children with their homework and keeping up with their schedules will keep my mind keen and my schedule balancing in full swing. After they complete college, get married and have babies, I will have ample activities to attend and keep me hopping.

1.3. Social

1.3.1. I will enjoy the contributions of my time and talent to local non-profits, church events, and school functions.

2. Early Adulthood / Emerging Adulthood: 20-40 years

2.1. Physical

2.1.1. Very active outdoors: skiing, hiking, camping, biking. My body was not so forgiving of the second baby in my early thirties and I have to put effort into maintaining a body shape that I feel comfortable with...darn aging!

2.2. Cognitive

2.2.1. Many life events have shaped me in this time frame. I thought our career path was determined, we operated our own business for 11 years, then decided to return to college to finish our degrees and opt for a different route...so here I am, taking Lifespan Development and trying something new. By the time I exit Early Adulthood I will have my career in place and be working towards retirement.

2.3. Social

2.3.1. Married my high school sweetheart at 23. Gave birth to my son at 28 and my daughter at 31...and just maybe baby number three...there's still time, I'm only 34. Hard to identify myself as anything but a wife and mother at this point, but seeking an identity within a career setting that accommodates raising my children.

3. Prenatal: conception to birth

3.1. Physical

3.1.1. Ooops...conception was the direct result of the bad combination of antibiotics and birth control. My dad swears to this day I was a preemie.

3.1.2. Born at 40 weeks. 6 pounds 8 ounces 20 inches long. Entered this world by natural delivery, kicking and screaming.

3.1.3. My mom ate very healthy during her pregnancy. She walked a mile to work for most of her pregnancy. She was 24 years old when I was born.

3.2. Cognitive

3.2.1. My mom did not use alcohol, tobacco, or drugs during her pregnancy. I was an alert baby at birth and had no difficulty breastfeeding.

3.3. Social

3.3.1. Definitely forming personality in the womb. Very active and alert throughout the pregnancy, which continued after birth.

4. Preschool: 3-6 years

4.1. Physical

4.1.1. My height and weight were still on the small side, but I was healthy and active. I enjoyed outdoor activities, rode horses, took care of animals, and could tie my shoes at 4 years old.

4.2. Cognitive

4.2.1. Memory skills were high. I enjoyed playing board games and reading.

4.3. Social

4.3.1. I had a younger sister and younger brother by age 5 and was very much the "big sister" in helping my parents and siblings.

5. Adolescence: 12-20 years

5.1. Physical

5.1.1. I topped out at 5'2" about my freshman year. My feet reached a size 6 1/2 by 7th grade and stayed there. I remained active in volleyball, but felt discouraged from many sports because I was so short and thin.

5.2. Cognitive

5.2.1. I became very self conscious in junior high because we moved to a large city during my 7th & 8th grade. I definitely had an invisible audience and was fully aware of my lack of self-confidence but could portray I was confident.

5.3. Social

5.3.1. I was always confident in my ability to be friendly to others and meet new people. I had a close group of friends in high school which made the world feel safe and comfortable. I began to date a "catch of a guy" and dated him into early adulthood...then I got to marry him.

6. Infancy & Toddlerhood: Birth to 3 years

6.1. Physical

6.1.1. By my first birthday I only weighed 15 lbs. Throughout toddlerhood my height and weight were a concern, however I was healthy and happy, just small in frame.

6.1.2. By 5 months I was sitting up, crawling by 6 months, and walking at nine months.

6.2. Cognitive

6.2.1. I began talking in complete sentences by 18 months and people would question my age because I was so small, but could speak clearly. At 2 I could fully recite the pledge of allegiance and sing entire songs.

6.2.2. I completely understood object permanence...For my 2nd birthday I asked for an Appaloosa and a waterbed...my poor parents.

6.3. Social

6.3.1. Very independent, sassy, active, and involved in the activities around me.

6.3.2. Secure Attachment to parents and caregiver. The bond with my caregiver and her family continued throughout my life and they are still like my second family.

6.3.3. I was very talkative and social. Apparently I would talk to everyone, sing them a song, or ask them 20 questions.

7. MIddle Childhood: 6-12 years

7.1. Physical

7.1.1. Body Development: Still small in frame, never had any "baby fat" to loose. My siblings surpassed me in height and weight and I was the "big - little sis." Played recreational sports and I competed on swim team from age 10-12.

7.1.2. Fine Motor Skills: writing and typing were strongly developed...I asked for a typewriter {remember those?} for my 9th birthday.

7.2. Cognitive

7.2.1. I read constantly and wrote short stories; which is why I needed a typewriter! I would spend hours reading new books, which I'm so thankful my parents invested in for me.

7.3. Social

7.3.1. When I started school I formed friendships easily and enjoyed meeting new people.

8. Late Adulthood: 65-100 years

8.1. Physical

8.1.1. Wrinkling, but aging well with sexy silver hair and healthy bones. As I age I intend to stay active in the same activities as middle adulthood to keep my health in check. Eating healthy and exercising regularly, getting older won't slow me down.

8.2. Cognitive

8.2.1. I plan to keep my mind remembering by sharing stories with my family throughout my life so those memories won't fade away and keep me challenged. I look forward to enjoying the crossword puzzles and the mind teasers & curling up with a good book whenever I want to.

8.3. Social

8.3.1. Volunteer work will fill my non-traveling days & I look forward to the opportunities presented.

8.3.2. Ahh...retirement...my hubby and I will travel the continental US in our motor home discovering the beauty of our country. We will be able to visit our children and grandchildren wherever they might live and play an active role in their lives. Outdoors as much as possible, still hiking and walking when we visit our family cabin.

8.3.3. I know at some point in this span I will loose my beloved hubby, preferably after we celebrate our 50th anniversary in our 90's, still young at heart and totally in love!

9. Death & Dying

9.1. Physical

9.1.1. Physically my body on this earth has stopped, but I remained healthy and active as I aged, avoiding the cancers that plague my family genetics.

9.2. Cognitive

9.2.1. As I look back over my life, evaluate it, and come to terms with it, I trust I will feel satisfied with who I am, what I have accomplished, where I have been, and when it will end.

9.3. Social

9.3.1. The end will be a celebration of a blessed life, full of trials triumphantly overcome and joy unspeakable. I will be surrounded by those remaining in my family and circle of friends. I will go out singing, excited to be reunited with those gone on before me as I walk the streets of gold.