Effects Of Cyberbullying

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Effects Of Cyberbullying by Mind Map: Effects Of Cyberbullying

1. some have to take medication

1.1. Can lead to substance abuse

1.1.1. death

1.1.2. addiction

1.1.3. dealing the drugs

1.1.4. bad habits

2. Cyberbullying is casued mostly by people who have been bullied them selves in thier past or currently. Or they have had abusive relationships in the past

3. Suicide

3.1. http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=6146214n

3.2. Cyberbullying suicide graph

4. Deperssion

4.1. Can be severe

4.1.1. can be eating disorders

4.1.2. can locked up for protection jail hospital

4.2. Can lead to self harming

4.2.1. suicide

4.2.2. cutting

5. Changing of Schools

5.1. some move to different schools to get away from the issue.

5.2. some can even move states

5.3. some get home schooled

6. Can Become Violent physically and mentally

6.1. Can abuse someone

6.1.1. at home

6.1.2. at school can start bullying

6.2. can cause other mental health issues to them self and others

7. Substance Abuse

7.1. lead to adiction

7.1.1. dealing trouble jail

7.2. lead to becoming voilent

7.3. lead to death

8. Cause