TEDxAmsterdam 2012 Paul J. Zak The biology of Good and Evil

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TEDxAmsterdam 2012 Paul J. Zak The biology of Good and Evil by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam 2012 Paul J. Zak The biology of Good and Evil

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1.2.1. Paul J. Zak @pauljzak Founding Director of the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies at Claremont Graduate University (California

1.2.2. Paul J Zak's talk at TED Global 2011

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3. Was interviewing a prisoner

3.1. 'Lisa'

3.1.1. in her 40s

3.1.2. arrested 14+ times for dealing meth

3.1.3. selling meth was the way to support herself

3.2. How did she get where she was and how can we change her life course?

3.3. couldn't tell her mother that she loved her

3.3.1. her mother wasn't a good mother..

4. 'Moral molecule'

4.1. oxytocin

4.2. more information about the book

4.3. WSJ article about this research

4.4. People are

4.4.1. Kind

4.4.2. generous

4.5. what is the switch point

4.6. i'm sceptic when i talk to people

4.7. 'You're nice to me, i'll be nice to you'

5. Experiment

5.1. 1 Split 100 euro's between two people

5.2. 2 You have to make an offer to split the money

5.3. 3 If the other refuses the offer, the money will have to be burned

5.4. Answer of Lisa

5.4.1. 50/50

5.4.2. "If you are a drug dealer and you lie, you die"

6. Moral molecule for 5% it doesn't work for

6.1. They often lack empathy

6.1.1. psychopaths for example

6.2. Don't connect emotionally to people around us

6.3. Individuels who've had a bad youth

6.3.1. They don't show empathy

6.3.2. The don't make oxytocine

6.4. People need to be nurtured

7. A reason why Lisa turned out the way she did

7.1. Her mother used so much meth that her natural caretaking system didn't work anymore

8. Tests oxytocine on himself

8.1. You

8.1.1. Change

8.1.2. take more risks

8.1.3. You create 'alpha males'

8.2. If i'd do the expirement in an hour now

8.2.1. outcome will be different

9. Swiss man

9.1. Marries Russian woman

9.2. She want's a divorce

9.3. he kills her

9.3.1. being held in prison

9.3.2. he blames his lawyer for killing his wife?

9.3.3. this was because he couldnt feel love

9.3.4. legal responses

9.4. On last day of trial the admits guilt

9.4.1. Gets life instead of death penalty

9.5. In jail writes 4 page letter

9.5.1. Containing Paul Zak's theories

9.5.2. Saying his lawyer doesn't make oxytocine and that he's a pshychopath

10. oxytocine

10.1. Is love

10.2. tell people you love that you love them

10.3. They'll reciprocate

10.3.1. And you'll feel love too