Immortality Formula

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Immortality Formula by Mind Map: Immortality Formula

1. Year 2112, scientists come across immortality formula in search for AIDS cure

1.1. Founded in China

1.1.1. Only the elite few get a hold of it

2. Yu tries to get formula for mother

2.1. Lottery for the 'unchosen' to win the formula

2.1.1. borrows money from best friend to buy 20 tickets

2.1.2. Never wins

2.2. Decides to steal formula, HQ in Shanghai

3. Main character: poor chinese boy, Yu

3.1. Lives in the outskirts of Beijing

3.2. Mother contracts cancer, can't afford medical care. Gap between rich and poor has become huge.

3.3. father passed away

4. Goes to Shanghai with best friend, Yi

4.1. Breaks into facility at night and runs away with one test tube

4.1.1. Special forces come after him

4.1.2. Gangster cult comes after him after learning he acquired the vaccine

5. Running away and journey back to Beijing

5.1. Test tube breaks

5.1.1. Mao's descendent hears of his story and grants the child a blood sample with the potion before taking the kryptonite potion, as he didn't enjoy living for so long. Mom realizes nature's path and tells the boy to let her be.