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TEDxAmsterdam 2012 Gary Carter Some Day S/he’ll Come Along by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam 2012
 Gary Carter 
Some Day S/he’ll Come Along
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TEDxAmsterdam 2012 Gary Carter Some Day S/he’ll Come Along

why marriage

they did because they loved

not hetrosexualise

not addopt rules

cultural gay

believe in marriage

on record

change marriage forever

change society

insist on same rights

im gay not ducth but love you very much

1981 came out to friends

1983 told parents

never spoke to his mother for over 20 years

talk with dad: are you a boy or a girl

Dad: do you give him flowers or does he give you flowers

i: What do you mean?

dad: Who gives the other 'flowers'

i: we both do that

mother sent newclippings on aids

1985 deported to Brittain

1986 fell in love in London

we made out in a cemetery

1987 informal mariage


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Gary Carter,, "“Oh, that was just a pitch.”", “All of these media [...] cannot give you a sense of who I really am.”"

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Reactions, Gary Carter of @FremantleMedia about being Gay "It is the significant social and political drama of the century." #TEDxAms, What an interesting speech from Gary Carter #tedxams, #TEDxAms "I m coming out to you" ! Beautifull ., Wow, powerful talk at #TEDxAms about homosexuality, "We are Gay, we are Dutch and we like it very much""", Gary Carter has a colorful view on the marriage at #TEDxAms, Gary Carter talks powerfully, honestly and humorously about being gay & getting married. We need more of this in the public sphere. #TEDxAms


British Nationality

Christened in Chuch of England

Born in South Africa


Is in direct correlation to the others

at the age of 4

had a sleepover at a friends house

Saw his dad shirtless

struck me

in an unkown way

i knew i was 'other'

idols of masculinity

no role models available for gay people

in 1977

only then he found someone gay

had a wife & kids

1991 he met a lesbian woman

afrikaans national project

faith in return for power

christelijke nationale onderwijs

being homesexual was illegal

certainly in South Africa


lost verginity in Cape Town

"I am homosexual but Gay is what i do"

told to be told gay

biology aside gender is a performance



Protest, we are gay we are ducth and we like it very much


lets birth place




article 3.0 marriage van be contracted be 2 people different/ or same gender

first country world wide


also in brittain


legallt married in town hall of amsterdam

mother refused to come, dad came