Effects Of Child Abuse

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Effects Of Child Abuse by Mind Map: Effects Of Child Abuse

1. four family characteristics that are likely to result in parental psychological violence

1.1. The first involves a scapegoat child, who may be different from other family members by his or her unattractiveness, disability, having been adopted, or being the child of a former spouse.

1.2. The second type of family has a domineering father, who intimidates the children and may even turn physically violent. The mother herself may be a victim of spousal violence.

1.3. The authoritarian mother typifies the third family characteristic leading to parental psychological abuse. She controls the household, and the children are expected to do as she bids.

1.4. The fourth family characteristic involves the "broken parent," who has not attained maturity and a feeling of self-worth because of a difficult past. This type of parent takes care of the children when things are going smoothly, but falls apart when difficulties arise.

2. causes of child abuse and the characteristics of families in which child abuse occurs are only indicators

3. families under stresses such as divorce, death, illness, disability, unemployment, or incarceration are more likely to abuse or neglect children

4. family structure and size, poverty, alcohol and substance abuse, domestic violence, and community violence are contributing factors to child abuse and neglect.

5. Causes

6. Effects