TEDxAmsterdam 2012 Katja Schuurman It Is Time for a Good Story

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TEDxAmsterdam 2012 Katja Schuurman It Is Time for a Good Story by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam 2012 Katja Schuurman  It Is Time for a Good Story

1. About

1.1. ...the author

1.1.1. Katja Schuurman

1.2. ...this talk

1.2.1. Reactions Katja Schuurman is challenging Simon Sinek by asking the #TEDxAms audience: 'Why not?' "When you believe in possiblities you know that everyone can write his own story" says Katja Schuurman of @rts_nl now at #tedxams Loving Katja Schuurman at #TEDxAms! now.tedxamsterdam.com Every change starts with a first little step... Exactly #tedxams idea! Katja Schuurman literally has a 'good story' with her Return To Sender label. Hat tip, Katja! #TEDxAms

2. why not?

2.1. one of the most asked questions

2.2. most of the time no reason to not do it

2.3. if you able to see the world as it should be instead of it is

2.3.1. source of change

2.3.2. moment when the plot turns

2.3.3. write your own story

3. when I was 18

3.1. i needed to decide what am i going to do

3.2. change the world

3.3. development aid

3.4. studied politics

3.4.1. try and understand the world

3.5. life happens when you live life

3.6. ended up in soap opera

3.7. opportunity to see the world (due to tv celebrity)

4. tv programmes

4.1. the world changed me

4.2. made several tv programmes

4.3. visited elderly woman

4.4. inspiration

4.4.1. people to change

4.5. Discovered beautifully crafted products

5. return to sender

5.1. local craftmanship

5.2. empowerment

5.3. create products in a sustainable way

5.4. talented creafted products

5.5. send the money back to the country

5.6. products sold via

5.6.1. webshop

5.6.2. hema

5.6.3. sold 200.000 producst

5.6.4. from 20 different country

6. maria (from brazil)

6.1. 2007

6.1.1. gather 20 women

6.1.2. producing traditional made felt ornaments

6.1.3. part of the HEMA collection

6.1.4. most popular items

6.1.5. 135 women not employed turn around the negative atmosphere possibilities for family & community


7.1. 5 million visitors a week

7.2. daily need

7.3. HEMA sells his own brand

7.4. CEO HEMA and Katja were both at samen TV programma DWDD

7.4.1. opportunity

7.4.2. and HEMA agreed let's do it

7.4.3. first step change

8. product come from somewhere

8.1. return to sender

8.1.1. tells the story behind products

8.1.2. story becomes more important

8.1.3. offer posibilty to consume with consciousness

8.1.4. change the status quo for people who already made the first step in development people should be able to write their own story

9. question

9.1. what would your story be

9.2. what is your dream, why not?