TEDxAmsterdam 2012 René Gude Human Kindness

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TEDxAmsterdam 2012 René Gude Human Kindness by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam 2012 René Gude  Human Kindness

1. About

1.1. ...the author

1.1.1. René Gude

1.2. ...this talk

1.2.1. Reactions Understanding and upperstanding: if we all have upperstanding, we can organize upperware-parties #TEDxAMS filosoof Rene Gude What philosophy shouldn't do is making our emotions weaker because we need them. What it should do is making a balance - Rene Gude #tedxams

2. i lost my leg in 2011

2.1. in 2007 broke his leg

2.2. had chemo therapy

2.3. process didn't stop

2.3.1. after an amputated leg

2.4. it didn't stop

2.4.1. sat with oncologist

2.4.2. you are ill be open about it

3. 50% chance to live

3.1. still working

3.2. his colleagues have to work but with a change he is able to work

4. doesn't philosophy not help in coping with emotions

4.1. strong emotions

4.1.1. tiny intellect

4.2. finding a good balance between strong emotions and tiny intelligence

5. philosophy

5.1. classical

5.1.1. do not react at the moment

5.1.2. when you pull back have a good view make a picture of it compose yourself sort out emotions ratio they all did it Kant Jung Lau Tse Confucious Aristoles Plato

5.1.3. in standing on the ground envisioning since 1960 use satellites look down on ourselves understanding

5.2. do not make emotions weaker

5.2.1. but be more balanced

5.3. in cities

5.3.1. people want to stand out

6. wrap

6.1. in urban societies

6.2. stick together

6.3. the balance between individual and mankind could be more balanced

6.4. use a satellite

6.4.1. view mankind

6.5. foster intellect

6.6. balanced basis emotion

6.7. be kind to each other

6.8. urban individual times

6.8.1. develop human kindness

6.9. practise worth spreading

6.10. we all want to be outstanding