Child Development

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Child Development by Mind Map: Child Development

1. Interactionist

1.1. "Nuture" via the Environment

1.1.1. Stimuli, conditioning

1.1.2. Responses and reinforcments

1.2. “higher mental functions are socially formed and culturally transmitted” (Vygotsky, 1978, p. 126)

1.3. Vygotsky

2. Behaviorist

2.1. "Nurture" via the ennvironment

2.2. blank slate molded by environment

2.3. Theorists

2.3.1. Ian Pavlov

2.3.2. John Watson

2.3.3. B.F. Skinner

3. Nativist

3.1. Innate or "inborn"

3.2. Nome Chomsky

3.3. wide range of opportuniyties to explore allow expansion of innate abilities

4. Cognitive Develpomentalist

4.1. Jean Piaget

4.2. Schema

4.3. Nature fuels development