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PCC Science Assignment by Mind Map: PCC Science Assignment
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PCC Science Assignment

  "A 1500 word, or equivalent assignment critically analysing a current issue and its implications for teaching and learning in relation to Science."  

1. Defining Creativity (100)

Creative teaching

creative learning

Divergent thinking

Excellence and enjoyment (DfES) (2003)

DFES (2003) Excellence and Enjoyment: A Strategy for Primary Schools. London: Crown Copyright.

Jones and Wyse (2004:62)

Jones, R. and Wyse, D. (2004) Creativity in the Primary Curriculum. London: David Fulton

‘Science is a creative subject; it provides many opportunities to stimulate children’s creative and critical thinking’.

3. Theories on science and creativity (300)

NAACE 1999

Starko (2020)

Imaginative approaches

DfES (2008)

4. Practical approaches on science and creativity (700)

wow days and trips:

Cheng (2010)

Cheng, V. (2010) 'Teaching creative thinking in regular science lessons: Potentials and obstacles of three different approaches in an Asian context'.Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching. 11(1) p1 Three teacher case studies were conducted to examine the potentials and obstacles of implementing these approaches in classroom of Hong Kong.

Assessment for Learening

Madden, Townsend and Green (2010)

Madden, J. A., Townsend, S. and Green, J. (2010) 'Book bag buddies: Third-grade authors publish and share science stories. Science and Children.49(3) p42-47

Park and Seung (2008)

i. OfSED (2010) Learning Creative Approaches that Raise Achievement.l London:Crown Copyright: [ACESSED 05 May 2012]

i. OfSED (2010) Learning Creative Approaches that Raise Achievement.l London:Crown Copyright: [ACESSED 05 May 2012]

Kind and Kind (2007)

5. Cross curricular approaches to science and creativity (200)

Science and Healthy eating workshop




Peer and tutor evaluations

Personal Evaluation

Science and ICT workshop

Assignment details

1500 words

Key aspects




Park and Seung (2008)

Park, S. and Seung, E. (2008) 'Creativity in the science classroom'. The Science Teacher. 75(6) 45-48

Lakin, Lipington and Pask (2004)

Lakin, L., Lipington, L. and Pask, H. (2004) 'How can science be creative?' Primary Science Review. 81(1) pp 81

Kind and Kind (2007)

Kind, P. M. and Kind, V. (2007) 'Creativity in science education: perspectives and challenges for developing school science. Studies in Science Education. 43(1) pp1-37

2. how is science classed as creative? (200)

typically we associate science with more numeric, explicitly process-based subject such as mathematics. subjects of logical thinking, require academic functioning skills. there is a definite answer. wheras creative arts are more subjective in terms of the right answer. opinionated, outcomes are divergent, individual preference, postmodernist. liberal.

Kind and Kind (2007)

NAACE (1999)