Of mice and men

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Of mice and men by Mind Map: Of mice and men

1. Lennie

1.1. Extremely strong but dimb

1.1.1. Loves soft things like a kid Doesn't understand social interactions

2. George

2.1. Care taker of lennie

2.1.1. Smart but stricts Has to be the man/boss

3. Candy

3.1. Old and hand cut of

3.1.1. Still on the farm because the boos let him Dog killed/sad

4. Crook

4.1. Only black persone

4.1.1. Not excepted by the community Dosent like george

5. Curly Wife

5.1. Always Lonely

5.1.1. Nedds someone Known as trouble or rat trap No name

6. Curly

6.1. Small man

6.1.1. Bosses Sun Always lokkin for a fight

7. Lonelyness is a theme

8. Dreams is another theme