How to manage stress to sleep well?

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How to manage stress to sleep well? by Mind Map: How to manage stress to sleep well?

1. Personal growth

1.1. Learn new things each day

1.1.1. Read a page of the dictionary

1.1.2. Learn about geaography

1.1.3. Learn about history

1.1.4. Learn about politics

1.2. Think about things of your life

1.2.1. Friends

1.2.2. Family

1.2.3. Work

1.2.4. Place where you live in

1.2.5. Health

1.3. Develop a new hobby

1.3.1. Music instrument classes

1.3.2. Sport classes

1.3.3. Lenguage classes

1.3.4. Art classes

1.3.5. Acting classes

1.3.6. Cooking classes

1.3.7. Dancing classes

1.4. Get involved in clubs

1.4.1. Reading group

1.4.2. Cinema group

1.4.3. Theater group

1.4.4. Fashion group

1.4.5. Dancing club

1.5. Choose a religion or something to believe in

2. Enjoy your loneliness

2.1. Take a walk

2.2. Visit to a museum

2.3. Go somewhere to read

2.3.1. A park

2.3.2. A coffee shop

2.3.3. A restaurant

2.3.4. The beach

2.4. Go shopping

2.5. Make a picnic

2.6. Go to the salon

2.7. Cook

2.8. Dance

2.9. Make a trip

3. What to eat or drink?

3.1. Warm milk

3.2. Letuce

3.3. Infusion

3.4. Valeriana o pazyflora

3.5. A glass of wine

4. What to not drink or eat

4.1. Coffee

4.2. Coke

4.3. Abundant amount of food

4.4. Abundant amount of drinks

4.5. Tea

5. What to do before going to bed

5.1. Think about what you have to do the next day

5.2. Listen to classic music

5.3. Read a book

5.4. Watch a movie preferably a comedy

5.5. Take a bath

5.6. Turn off the cellphone

5.7. Make a list of 3 good things you did during the day

5.8. Write down your pending matters for the next day

5.9. Nothing related to work

5.10. Do everything slower

5.11. Meditate

5.12. Put your feet in warm water to feel safe

5.13. Play something

5.13.1. Cards

5.13.2. Monopoly

5.13.3. Wii

5.14. Swim

5.15. Pray

5.16. Read something boring (academic papers)

6. What to do during the day

6.1. Excercise early in the morning so you can be tired at night

6.2. Laugh

6.3. Talk to someone about your worries or problems

6.4. Organize your matters between important and urgent

6.5. Make a schedule and include every activity of the day

6.6. Go to therapy to treat the stress

6.7. Sing to yourself

6.8. Talk to yourself

6.9. Work as a nanny

7. Find your happiness

7.1. Write abour places you want to go

7.2. Make up jokes

7.3. Write about dreams you have

7.4. Draw beatiful things

7.5. Make a list of things you want to learn

7.6. Write about good memories

7.7. Close your eyes and picture yourself in the place you want to be

7.8. Look at beautiful pictures, preferably of cute babies

8. Go back to being a baby

8.1. Make someone read a fairytail for you

8.2. Drink a baby's bottle

8.3. Listen to baby's music

8.4. Make someone hug you

8.5. Sleep with a teddy bear

8.6. Put baby's perfume on your pillow

8.7. Try to go to bed always at the hour to regulate your sleep

8.8. Cry, cry and cry as much as you need to release your worries

8.9. Suck a pacifier

9. What to think about when you are trying to sleep

9.1. Focus on your breathing

9.2. Think that you are in a cloud

9.3. Think that you are in the most relaxing place you can imagine

9.4. Focus on the silence

10. Set up the enviroment

10.1. Change your matress

10.2. Change your pillow

10.3. Control your room temperature

10.4. Identify a sound that relaxes you

10.4.1. Birds

10.4.2. Rain

10.4.3. Ocean

10.4.4. Wind