USA Declares War Against Japan

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USA Declares War Against Japan by Mind Map: USA Declares War Against Japan

1. International

1.1. Launch Atomic Bomb on Japan?

1.1.1. Reasons Against the Atomic Bomb -almost all of 100,000 killed at Hiroshima were citizens -japan would have possibly surrendored without bombing or invasion and U.S knew this because they interecepted code messages -dropping bomb led to cold war as they wanted to show up russia

1.1.2. Reasons for the Atomic Bomb -Japan initiated conflict, starved and beat american people and disobeyed international laws of war -atmoic bomb dropped on military base to avoid as many civilian casualities as possible -japan surrendoring was unconcrete -dropping bomb shortened otherwise extensive war -Would result in less casualties on both sides than an invasion

2. Domestic

2.1. Treatment of Japanese in the US under the Executive Order 9066

2.1.1. After the attack of Pearl Harbor, a Prejudice was formed against the Japanese

2.1.2. Propaganda made Americans fear the Japanese and see them as the enemy

2.1.3. The US military started to round up the Japanese and place them in internment camps The camps took away civil liberties of a US citizen and were often viewed next to concentration camps. About 120,000 Japanese citizens were transported to internment camps after Pearl Harbor. Families were assigned to live in one room barracks. Several people died in the camps due to the lack of medical assistance.

2.1.4. 2/3 of the Japanese citizens who were rounded up were actually born in America.

2.1.5. The Japanese citizens were given 48 hours to evacuate their homes and were only allowed to take a few possessions.