Animal Behavior at the Zoo

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Animal Behavior at the Zoo by Mind Map: Animal Behavior at the Zoo

1. Organization Strategies

1.1. Knowing what animals you will be examining

1.2. Looking up behavior of each animal

1.3. What each animal was surrounded by

1.4. If additional animals are caged with them

2. Information Need and Searching for Information

2.1. Researching animal behavior

2.2. Location of their natural habitat

3. Measuring and Evaluating Strageties

3.1. Watching the animal in their normal state

3.1.1. Eating

3.1.2. Bathing/Cleaning

3.1.3. Playing

3.1.4. Etc.

3.2. Other people at zoo watching animals and their behavior when examining them

3.3. Sounds and noise coming from other animals

4. Making Sense Strageties

4.1. Watching animals in their normal state

4.2. Why they would act the way they acted when being examining

4.3. Being in a confinded space could effect they way some animal behavior