Native Canadian/Amercian People

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Native Canadian/Amercian People by Mind Map: Native Canadian/Amercian People

1. What are clans???

1.1. A group of families that have the same female ancestor.

1.2. Every group has a clan mother. It is the oldest woman in the group. Responsible for; naming the clan members, the welfare of the people, can nominate and remove a male cheif.

2. Spiritual Beliefs

2.1. Huron: Believed that everything they or Jikonsaseh made had a soul and was immortal. Souls that controlled humans were called Oki. The Oki of the sky was the strongest because it controlled the seasons and other natural phenominas like; earthquakes, thunderstorms and tornados.

2.2. Iroquois: Believed that the gods gave them food so they held 6-8 festivals per growing season. They were very thankful for the continous growing of corn,fruit and berries.

3. Spiritual Ceremonies

3.1. Iroquois: Held 6-8 festivals to give thanks to the rice soil and the continous ripening of fruits and berries. They had a 7 day festivalwhen corn was planted, a second when it was green and a final on when it was harvested.

4. Women did most of the work

4.1. Because of The Peace Maker

4.2. Jikohnsaseh, Mother of all nations

4.3. Given the right to become chiefs

4.4. Because the were the connection to the earth

4.5. Children inherit the clan of their mother

5. Peace Maker

5.1. Spread the message of peace to 50 nations though some did not believe him

5.1.1. The hardest part was convincing people of peace.

6. Founding Constitution of 6 Nations

6.1. Mohawk,Oneida,Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca and the Tuscora