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IS 311 --The Essence School Online Learning Network by Mind Map: IS 311 --The Essence School
Online Learning Network
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IS 311 --The Essence School Online Learning Network

311 Google Apps


Internal Group Calendars, Grade Teams,, SLT, Parents/PTA

Admin Resources, PTA, SLT, Parent Coordinator

Staff Resources, Technology, Grade/Curriculm Plans, Grade Level Communication

Safe & Public/Private Communication

Classroom Integration

Post Assignments, Resources & Grades

Class Calendars

Class Docs

Create Sites

Create Blogs

Student Accounts (6,7,8)

safe email with teachers

publish work

support NETS standards

submit assignments

311 Public eChalk Web Site

334 public presence



general school info. and policies


privileges for adding content

Public Calendar


Technology Plan

Integrate tech to support curriculum

Use Smartboards to leverage Internet & Computers

Turn in assignments online

Teach about technology's role in society

Use tech as it's used in the workplace

Use Renzulli Learning to leverage web Resources

Support NETS standards

Key Operations & Concepts

Digital Citizenry

Streamline school communication & administration

User Goals

Short Term

login: daily

check email

maintain apps homepage

student assignments

strong public site

Long Term

steady audience

hub for tech integration

paperless school

daily practice