Irony creates suspense

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Irony creates suspense by Mind Map: Irony creates suspense

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3. "She wants us to finish it. She said so. Be doing her a favor." pg (386) This is ironic because that was the murder weapon they were looking for but they ended up eating it. Destroying their chances of finding the weapon.

3.1. "how about afterwards? what you going to give him for afterwards?"(383) this is ironic because the store owner doesnt know he is dead but she does.It creats suspense to the story.

4. " I think so, " she sobbed. " He's lying on the floor and I think He's dead"(383). This is ironic because she killed him and she knew he was dead but she was acting like she didnt know what happened.

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5. "probably right under our very noses. what you think, jack?" (386) This is a ironic because they are eating the weapon that was used to kill her husband

6. "As the wife of a detective, she knew quite well what the penalty would be" (382). Rationale The author chose this because to get readers attention, and to show that she is good in covering things and smart she knows what steps to make so she wouldn't get caught.

7. "She Loved to luxuriate in the presence of this man." (380) This is ironic because it says that the women loves to be with the man but in the end she ended up killing him.

8. Irony creates suspense

9. In the story Lamb of the Slaughter irony occurs alot. and some of the examples are

10. Another example of irony is

11. For our last way to show irony