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Social Media by Mind Map: Social Media

1. Politics

1.1. What is a grassroots? How does it related to social media?

1.1.1. Grassroot Politics means what is growing and supported the most. This relates to Social Media because when on the internet, when something is released, many people support it.

1.2. Brainstorm ideas of ways of how you could use social media to affect politics and how politics has used social media to affect you.

1.2.1. With social media, you could ruin your career as a politician with one picture

1.2.2. You could also spread rumors that would get people to question their supporting you

1.2.3. Politics can use social media to make some people to support certain people better than real life for some people

1.3. Find a real life example that illustrates your ideas

1.3.1. Politicians spread rumors about other politicians, forcing the voters to support a certain party. Or they use technology and trick you to support a certain party: Stephen Harper

2. Technology

2.1. Impacts of technology

2.1.1. Faster researching

2.1.2. Able to do better work

2.2. Do I think devices should be allowed in school?

2.2.1. No

2.3. What rules would I place if technology was allowed?

2.3.1. Do not play games unless allowed

2.3.2. Do not play videos unless allowed

2.3.3. Only searches related to work

2.3.4. Must be allowed to see the day's searches after class

2.4. What message would I give to teachers about devices?

2.4.1. If you want kids to stop using phones in class, take them all in for most of the class and give them back 10 minutes before it is over so that kids will have to work harder

2.5. How does technology affect me?

2.5.1. Less quality family time

2.5.2. Worse relationships than normal

2.5.3. More lazy (worse grades)

3. Community

3.1. How has media altered the view of communities How has the internet changed over the last 10 years?

3.1.1. Media has changed the way we view communities because now, we go outside but not as often as before. Now we just stay inside and go onto online communities at home

3.1.2. The internet has changed over the last 20 years by improving so much because we can now research and view nearly anything from anywhere over the world faster than before and we can communicate with anyone that has internet.

3.2. Is there anyway to change the world using technology or social media?

3.2.1. Yes, you can change the rules of the world with social media or technology.You can persuade the world with the technology, using social media. You can advertise, and create things that would make people view things differently

4. Economics

4.1. Where do kids spend their money. Are they influenced by social media?

4.1.1. Social media are things that kids want to get more of

4.1.2. Buy devices to make life less boring

4.2. How does it play a role in our life?

4.2.1. Tells us know whats new with the world, and what is trending

4.3. How does media play a part in advertising?

4.3.1. It helps them price it at more reasonable prices at a faster rate so people will buy the devices more