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1. Sacraments

1.1. Sacraments of Initiation

1.1.1. Baptism

1.1.2. Eucharist

1.1.3. Confirmation

1.2. Sacraments of Healing

1.2.1. Anointing of the Sick

1.2.2. Penance or Reconciliation

1.3. Sacraments of Service

1.3.1. Matrimony

1.3.2. Holy Orders

2. Man

2.1. Social

2.2. Relational

3. Church

3.1. Early Church Period

3.1.1. Origin Pentecost Spirit

3.1.2. Beliefs Brotherhood Law of Love

3.1.3. Foundation Jesus Christ The Apostles

3.1.4. Models Political Society Institutional Hierarchical Perfect Body of Christ Democratic Sacramental Salvation Spiritual Purification Pilgrim People People of God Servant Model Jesus Christ

3.1.5. Symbols Sheepfold Cultivated Land Building of God Mother

3.1.6. Great Heresies Circumcisers Gnosticism Montanism Sabellianism Arianism Pelagianism Semi-Pelagianism Nestorianism Monophysitism Iconoclasm Catharism Protestantism Jansenism

3.1.7. Church of Constantine Developments Doctrine State Interfered in life of the Church 380 AD State Religion

3.1.8. Episcopal Councils Nicaea I Constantinople I Ephesus Chalcedon Constantinople II Constantinople III Nicaea II Constantinople IV Lateran I Lateran II Lateran III

3.2. Middle Age Church Period

3.2.1. Church Fathers Latin St. Ambrose St. Jerome St. Augustine Greek St. Athanasius St. John Chrysostom St. John Damascene

3.2.2. Achievements Papacy Upheld Constitutional Monarchy Craft Guilds Monasticism Vows Prayers Work Inventions Paper Linen and Satin Spectacles Watches Organs Mariners' Compass Stained Glass

3.2.3. Crusades United Christendom Feudalism Weakened Papal Power Strengthened Western and Eastern Cultures Met Saved Europe from Islam New Trade Routes

3.2.4. Reformation Causes Doctrinal Differences Idealism Weakness in Church Corruption

3.3. Contemporary Church Period

3.3.1. Vatican Council I Papal Infallibility Centralized Authority Marian and popular devotion Mass Attendance Vocation Hospitals A world force

3.3.2. Vatican Council II John XXIII Laity’s full participation Vernacular liturgy Maximum participation of lay leaders Religious freedom Ecumenism Decree in Media Scientific Mentality Expanded view of revelation Pope and college of Bishops

3.3.3. Philippines Evangelization Augustinians Franciscans Jesuits Dominicans Recoletos Missionary Activity Social Involvement Christian Charity Religious Instruction Anti-Friar Movement Aglipayanism Protestantism Iglesia ni Cristo Plenary Council Community of Disciples Church of the Poor Empowerment of the Laity