LLNJ Strategic Planning Process

This map tracks the LibraryLinkNJ 2012/13 strategic planning process and provides access to documents and updates to keep you in the loop.

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LLNJ Strategic Planning Process by Mind Map: LLNJ Strategic Planning Process

1. Questions to consider

2. Click this link to view download instructions for documents.

3. The map will grow as we create a collective vision and plans of action for the future of libraries in New Jersey. Everyone is invited to participate, even if you've never set foot in a library (if this is you, we really want to hear your voice!).

3.1. Libraries Reinvented: Having Your Say... Welcoming the voices of young people in the planning process.

3.1.1. Download the invitation to participate in this project for students re. school libraries.

3.1.2. Click the link to the right to download the results of our one-question student survey.

4. General Project Information

4.1. Description of the project

4.2. What we want to achieve

4.3. Leadership team

4.3.1. Sponsors NJ State Library Mary Chute, State Librarian Peggy Cadigan, Consultant for Innovation & Communication LibraryLinkNJ Cheryl O'Connor, Executive Director Joanne Roukens, Assistant Director Mr. Darcy, Assistant to Ms. Roukens

4.3.2. Facilitators/consultants Maverick & Boutique Abby Straus, Principal John Findlay, Principal

4.3.3. Statewide Strategic Planning Committee

4.4. Project Proposal

4.5. Support Team

4.5.1. Sophie Brookover, Social Media Guru Email Sophie

4.5.2. Mi-sun Lyu, IT/Online Guru

5. Project Schedule & Tasks (completed tasks appear in blue)

5.1. Project schedule

5.2. Task 1: Kick-off meeting 11-13-2012

5.2.1. PPT Presentation from kick-off meeting (PDF)

5.3. Task 2: Desktop research and briefing notes

5.3.1. Briefing notes for Planning Committee workshop

5.4. Task 3: Workshop with Statewide Strategic Planning Committee 12-3-2012

5.4.1. Workshop notes

5.4.2. PPT Presentation from workshop (PDF)

5.5. Task 4: Initial population of plan framework

5.5.1. Preliminary Strategic Planning Framework Narrative

5.6. Task 5:

5.6.1. 5A: Targeted interviews

5.6.2. 5B: Community engagement surveys INCLUDE YOUR VOICE! Please tell us what you think about the future of libraries. Click the link to the right to take a short survey.

5.6.3. 5C: School library project

5.7. Task 6: Community engagement workshops. Click link to view briefing notes.

5.7.1. Workshop 1: February 21, 2013 (Thursday) Refreshments 9:30am Workshop 10:00am - 1:00pm Hammonton Branch, Atlantic County Library System. Click link to view notes from this workshop.

5.7.2. Workshop 2: Friday, February 22, 2013 (Friday) Refreshments 9:30am Workshop 10:00am - 1:00pm St Joseph’s Regional Medical Center, 703 Main Street, Paterson, Lobby Auditorium #3. Click link to view notes from this workshop.

5.7.3. Workshop 3: February 23, 2013 (Saturday) Refreshments 9:30am Workshop 10:00am -1:00pm Monroe Township Library (Middlesex County). Click link to view invitation and register.

5.8. Task 7: Synthesize workshop outputs into priority areas

5.8.1. Click the link to the right to view and download the the latest Task Force document, including priority areas and project ideas generated in workshops and interviews. Click the link to the right to download the blank project creation document for use in your organization (Word doc).

5.9. Task 8: Task force on-line strategy sessions

5.9.1. Online orientation workshops for Task Force participants are scheduled for April 25 and 30. Click the link to the right for an online participation form.

5.10. Task 9: Workshop to review Task Force plans for priority areas

5.11. Task 10: Strategic plan preparation

5.12. Task 11: Final plan review workshop

5.13. Task 12: Delivery of final plan

6. Events

6.1. Technology Speed Dating Program for NJ Libraries

6.1.1. Click here for a progress report and dates for future events.

7. Welcome to the 2012 LibraryLinkNJ strategic planning process, sponsored by the New Jersey State Library in cooperation with LibraryLinkNJ, the New Jersey Library Cooperative. We've created this mind map so you can track the project from beginning to end and have access to pertinent notes, documents and other media.

7.1. ...

8. You can access notes, links and documents by clicking on the symbols to the right of the text in each topic area. You can view documents in Google docs or download them to your computer. Click the link in the yellow bubble below for download instructions.

9. Your input here: Please click the link to send us your ideas.

10. Click on the map and drag to explore.

11. Documents of interest

11.1. PEW Research Center report: Library Services in the Digital Age

12. NJLA CONFERENCE STATEWIDE STRATEGIC PLAN ROLLOUT: Click the link to view and download presentation (PDF)

13. STATEWIDE STRATEGIC PLAN FOR THE FUTURE OF LIBRARIES IN NEW JERSEY - Final. Click the link to the right to view and download the plan (PDF).