Emotional Intelligence-第八組

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Emotional Intelligence-第八組 by Mind Map: Emotional Intelligence-第八組

1. 1. Introduce Daniel Golman and the experiment about Marshmallows Challenge.

1.1. a group of 4-year-old children were given a marshmallow.

1.2. they could eat them right away or wait until the man come back for another marshmallow as a bonus.

2. 2. The result of the Experiment.

2.1. 1/3 of the kids couldn;t resist the desire and ate them.

2.2. 2/3 of the kids stood it and got the bonus.

3. 4. the way they solve problems according to the different area of the brain.

4. 7. The Irony

4.1. Women and kids are tend to be marginalized. If Goleman choose a title about them, this book would attract less attention.

5. 3. The meaning behind the results.

5.1. The one who resisted were clearly more socially competent than the others. They are more systematical.

5.2. Kids who ate the marshmallow are said to be more indecisive, unworthy or to overreact to simple things.

6. 5. Bad news and Good news.

6.1. Bad news: the decline of emotional aptitude among children is across the board

6.2. Good news: emotional intelligence can be taught, not only in the home but in school.

7. 6. The difference about Emontion Management between two gender.

7.1. Women-Sensibility : perceptive and empathic.

7.2. Men-Sense : learn little about emotion.