DREAM Team Goals

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DREAM Team Goals by Mind Map: DREAM Team Goals

1. Pillar 1: Inclusivity

1.1. Academics: Clear the path for students to accomplish their educational goals.

1.1.1. I1.3 Increase the proportion of students who complete a credential within 150% of normal time. What can we do to reduce time to completion? Reduce DFW? Ensure students have the tools they need to be ready for class Orientation for ALL students What is the college's expectation for student readiness? Establish mentoring program to target specific populations

1.1.2. I1.4 Reduce equity gaps identify & offer professional development opportunities working with neurodiverse individuals identify & implement strategies for inclusive design across all areas of campus become proactive in using inclusive/accessible design

1.2. Non-instructional: Foster an environment that expands enrollment and celebrates student resilience.

1.2.1. I2.1 Increase the conversion rate of applicants to enrolled students. Identify & address admissions/financial aid barriers and/or information testing high school records placement (still broken)

1.2.2. I2.3 Increase the proportion of students who utilize academic support services that result in a successful outcome. Identify & implement strategies to encourage students to USE services/resources Consolidate resources Ensure students know about campus resources & how to access them

2. Pillar 2: Opportunities

2.1. Engagement/Retention

2.1.1. Create social connections to campus (Inclusivity>Non-instructional/Campus Engagement?) identify practices to increase online student engagement increase faculty/student interactions Dedicated spaces central space maintained commuter lounge parent lounge

2.1.2. Conduct graduate survey (Opportunities>Alumni Relations?) what helped them to complete?

2.2. Support & prepare online & DE students

2.2.1. Prepare students for online/mixed modality courses Establish supports matching online/HyFlex offerings

2.2.2. Support dual enrollment students Remove tuition/fee waiver barriers for Native DE students Provide clear guidance for all DE students Make it easier for DE students to matriculate (no additional application required)

3. Pillar 3: Excellence

3.1. Student voice/perspective

3.1.1. Get feedback on what is helpful

3.1.2. Get feedback on where there are gaps affecting their adjustment

3.1.3. Create process for inclusion in campus decision-making

3.2. Communication revamps

3.2.1. Communication on policies Changing language

3.2.2. continue to update ensure accurate info

3.2.3. create new

3.2.4. update old

3.3. Identify best practices (in what?)

3.3.1. effective teaching strategies communicate to faculty

3.3.2. using communication tools (e.g., texting)

3.3.3. student success strategies

4. Is this the appropriate pillar for these ideas?

5. Yellow highlighted items are included on the Effort/Impact quadrant