Emotional intelligence第六組

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Emotional intelligence第六組 by Mind Map: Emotional intelligence第六組

1. first paragraph

1.1. Goleman,a psychologist and science writer , explained "The Marshmallow Challenge" to his audience.

2. forth paragraph

2.1. The emotional and social difference the grab-the-marshmallow preschoolers and gratification-delaying peers was dramatic.

3. sixth paragraph

3.1. People who grabbed the marshmallow were more unsociable than the others and were weak in dealing with emotions .

4. third paragraph

4.1. Describing how children acted after the nice man who gave them marshmallow left.

5. second paragraph

5.1. Four-year-old children were invited to participate in this experiment.

6. fifth paragraph

6.1. The ones who had resistd eating the marshmallow were better able to cope with stress than the others .

7. tenth paragraph

7.1. Goleman’s own story is very intriguing because he experienced so-so sales until Emotional Intelligence hit the stores, and he became famous.

8. ninth paragraph

8.1. Goleman’s book was not sells well until his story it become the cover of time magazine and Appearance on Oprah Winfery show.

9. eleventh paragraph

9.1. Goleman points out the real strength in what has been a feminine preserve in this culture.

10. eighth paragaph

10.1. Goleman says that children of this generation are more vulnerable on than before , however the “emotional intelligence “ can be taught in their early age.

11. twelfth paragraph

11.1. Goleman thinks if he had written a book about something marginalized such as women and emotions, school reform, or child psychology, the book wouldn’t have been famous.

11.2. He say something positive for our society with a lot of scientific data.

12. seventh paragraph

12.1. It our choice to that or positive emotions to serve us or enslaves by bad emotion , and this need “emotional intelligence “.