What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

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What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? by Mind Map: What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

1. Hardware

1.1. iMac- During this process I used an iMac to store all of my footage that I later on edited and created my film opening with software especially for iMac's. A benefit of using the iMac is that there is a wide range of software to be used e.g. iMovie, GarageBand, iPhoto etc. Using hardware that is so advanced gives me wider knowledge e.g. in editing.

1.2. Camera- I used a camera to film my film opening, prelimary task video, and audience expectations video. Using a camera to film was simple, easy to use and import straight onto iMovie to edit the footage. From using a camera many times over the process of constructing my product I have broadened my knowledge on camerawork. As I have used a variety of shots and angles thoughout this process whilst filming to ensure that my media product is presented in the best way.

2. Software

2.1. iMovie- To construct my media product I used iMovie to edit my footage and create my film opening. Benefits of using iMovie is that you can add effects to your footage, and import from other programs such as iPhoto, iTunes, GarageBand etc. On iMovie I learnt how to use many different tools and effects. For example I was able to add audio (non diegetic) to my film opening, so that it will fit within my chosen genre.

2.2. Photoshop- I used Photoshop to create my production company logo to include in my film opening. Photoshop is relatively easy to use if you understand what you're doing as it is quite complicated with many different effects available. An advantage of using this software is that you able to layer text and an image on one canvas. Also there are many different effects available to use with just one touch a button. For example an entire background of an image could be cropped with just one tool.

3. Online Tools

3.1. Blogger- This a free blog on the internet from Google used as a publishing tool to share images, videos, text etc. Throughout this whole process of constructing my media product I have used Blogger to present all my work leading upto the actual film opening. Blogger has helped organise all my work and set it out accordingly, making it easy to view. From using Blogger I have learnt how to use its tools e.g. labelling, customising the blog. Also a benefit of blogger is that you are able to embed different online tools such as slideshare, mindmesiter etc, making it more fun to view instead of just a piece of text.

3.2. Mindmeister- This is a tool used to create online mind maps e.g. for planning. I used Mindmeister to create a synopsis mindmap for my media product. It was simple, fast and easy to use for beginners, as it isn't complicated. The actual canvas on mindmeister is large so you don't have to worry about not having enough space to complete your work. Maps on mindmeister are easy to customise e.g. change the colour scheme, fonts, pictures. This helps make the mindmap look more pleasing to eye and fun to view.

3.3. SlideShare- I used SlideShare to upload my Powerpoint documents online and share onto Blogger. For example I used it to upload my analysis of microelements in an opening scene. SlideShare is very easy to use as all you do is upload your document on to it and then embed it.

3.4. Prezi- This is a type of storytelling tool on a virtual canvas. I chose to use Prezi as it is fun and interactive for viewers. It is easy to customise to make suitable to your chosen topic. Also its eye catching to the reader as many different things can be included within it e.g. images, text, animations, audio.

3.5. Youtube- This online tool was used to search for film openings etc in the same genre to help with the process of creating my media product. From watching these videos I understood what needed to be included in my film opening to make it classed as an Action and fit into the generic conventions. I also used Youtube to upload my film opening onto. Furthermore I used video manager on Youtube to edit my video further on there e.g. adding annotations, trimming my video etc. Thus making it more convenient then editing the video again in iMovie.

3.6. Google- Using a search engine was helpful during the process of creating my media product as I could search for film openings, tutorials, information on the film industry etc. This has given me a wider knowledge on any topic I needed to research whilst creating my product. It was extremely helpful during the research tasks e.g. certificate ratings task.