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Creativity by Mind Map: Creativity

1. Games and Programs

1.1. Minecraft - use this program to create your own worlds and activities.

1.2. CodeSpark - Students use this game to increase their knowledge about coding and create their own characters.

1.3. Creativity prospers where technology exists. - Use of any technology program by students to create their own product.

2. Photography and Video Importance article -

3. Photograph and Video Projects

3.1. Class book - Use photo of student taken on the 1st day of school and create a book - Class, Class, Who Do You See? This helps students learn each other's names and a few likes.

3.2. Photo Scavenger Hunt - Students are given a scavenger hunt list of objects to photograph or video.

3.3. Book Video - Students work to create an advertisement/commercial to encourage reading a book.

4. Games and Programs Importance -

5. Social Media

5.1. Social Media Tools -

5.2. Free Social Media/Network Sites -

6. STEM Importance article -

7. Makerspace Importance article -


8.1. Minecraft - Students are building models using this program.

8.2. Makewonder - Students use DASH to make a path using coding.

9. Makerspaces

9.1. Projects for Kids - project ideas for students to make -

9.2. Ideas for Makerspace -

10. Social Media Importance article -