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Math Study by Mind Map: Math Study

1. Unit 1

1.1. Representation

1.1.1. Histogram x: intervals y: frequency

1.1.2. Box Plot 5# summary (min, Q1, med, Q3, max)

1.1.3. Stem and Leaf stem + leaf table

1.2. Analysis

1.2.1. center mean median

1.2.2. spread IQR Range deviation (standard, population)

1.2.3. shape symmetrical skewed uniform single/double peak

1.2.4. Outliers 1.5 x IQR

1.3. Interpretation

1.3.1. Low IQR/range/deviation → consistent

1.3.2. Stating a subjective opinion based on the analysis of the data

2. Unit 2

2.1. Representation

2.1.1. Scatterplot

2.1.2. LSRL y=a+bx

2.2. Analysis

2.2.1. Strength correlation coefficient (r) R^2 (variability)

2.2.2. Outliers

2.2.3. Direction slope y intercept

2.2.4. Form residual plot

2.3. Interpretation

2.3.1. r^2 put in percent __% of the variability of the number of (y variable) can be explained by a linear relationship with the (x variable) the other __% can be explained by other factors such as _______ close to 1 = strong relationship

2.3.2. slope For every increase of (x variable) we expect the (y variable) to increase/decrease by (slope)

2.3.3. y intercept when (x variable) is 0, we expect the (y variable) to be _____. This does/doesn't make sense because ______.

2.3.4. r the strength of the correlation is (strong/weak) because it is/isn't close to 1.

2.3.5. residual plots Based on the residual plot, a linear form is/isn't appropriate because of the random scatter. OUTLIERS