Web Vision - Discoverability Work stream

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Web Vision - Discoverability Work stream by Mind Map: Web Vision - Discoverability Work stream

1. Scope

1.1. Content Architecture

1.1.1. Editorial Writing/Guidelines

1.1.2. Production Metadata Standards Content Standards

1.2. Content Promotion

1.2.1. Corp Comms See Promotion and Usage

1.2.2. Marketing See Promotion and Usage

1.2.3. Sales/Customer Relations See Promotion and Usage

1.3. Content Consumption

1.3.1. Consumer Digital devices

1.3.2. 3rd party partners and customer sites

1.3.3. UGC/Social Media

2. Phase 1 and 2. Content Usage and Marketing

2.1. Emerald Web Sites and Portals

2.1.1. Rationale/Objectives Usage driver Metrics. Improved awareness/downloads

2.1.2. Deliverables Templates and guidance for Localised and customer portals Phase 1: Alerting Services SMS RSS Email See SEO Strand Bibliographic system integration Zotero Mendelay EndNote Refworks Connotea CiteUlike

2.1.3. Resources IT/Marketing Existing Budget?

2.2. Phase 2 : The Emerald Open API

2.2.1. Rationale/Objectives Closer Customer & Subscriber workflow integration Usage/Awareness/ Metrics Improved usage Increased service oriented business opportunities

2.2.2. Deliverablables Developer guidelines SDK and toolkit Exemplars

2.2.3. Resources IT/Web teams Business Development Web Vision

2.3. Mobile/Handheld devices

2.3.1. Rationale/Objectives Usage/Marketing/Alerting Metrics: Improved awareness/usage

2.3.2. Deliverable Phase 1 .mobi Site optimised mobile site. Simple search Corporate and Portfolio information site Phase 2: Device Aware CSS Business Logic Development XSLT Files

2.3.3. Resources Marketing Marketing Budget

2.4. Gadgets and Widgets

2.4.1. Rational/Objectives Marketing and Improved Service integration Usage improvement

2.4.2. Deliverable Home Page Applications Netvibes Google LinkedIn Facebook iPhone apps general search app Alerting app Article reader app Google general search app Alerting app Article reader app Windows/Mac OS desktop general search app Alerting app Article reader app facebook facebook Journal Fanpages FaceBook URL Sharepoint/Corporate Intranet Modules Applications

2.4.3. Resources Marketing/External Contractor/Web and Sales Force Diverse budget - External contractors from Web Vision

2.5. Community Sites/Social Media

2.5.1. Rational/Objectives Personalisation/Ownership and increased loyalty Marketing and Improved Service integration Usage improvement

2.5.2. Deliverables UGC Content Ratings Commentary Social tools LinkedIn facebook Twitter Research Connections Literati Library Link Conference Central

2.5.3. Resources Business Development, Marketing/External Contractor/Web and Sales Force Diverse budget - External contractors from Web Vision

2.6. Google Book and Content Integration

2.6.1. Rational/Objectives Marketing and Improved Service integration Usage improvement

2.6.2. Deliverable Policy Dialogue/relationships with Google

2.6.3. Resources Customer Support, MIS, IT, Marketing, Pub Dev Diverse budget s

3. Standards

3.1. Standards?

3.1.1. Dublin Available now??

3.1.2. MARC21 Available now

3.1.3. ACAP Unknown

3.1.4. .EPUB Under investigation

3.1.5. XHTML Available now

3.1.6. .Mobi Phase 1

3.1.7. Accessibility Available now

3.1.8. Access OpenID Athens Shibboleth

3.2. Semantic. In Scope??

3.2.1. RDFa

3.2.2. Dublin

3.2.3. Ontology development

3.2.4. FOAF

3.3. Owner

3.3.1. Production Dept

3.3.2. Oversight : Web Vision/PMG

4. Metrics and Analytics

4.1. Inputs

4.1.1. Data Points Article Level Metrics Journal Level Metrics Insitutional Customer behaviours Individual User behaviour Site Traffic Aggregated Search Data Personal Profile

4.2. Outputs

4.2.1. Analysis Marketing Team Emerald BI Team BMs and Sales Force

4.2.2. Intelligence "People who searched for this, searched for..." functionality Create automatic and personal recommendations Informs future and present Marketing campaigns and their effectiveness Informs Digital Strategy and Channel Investment

5. New node

6. reporting

6.1. Subscription Events Reporting • New Subscription: the number of new subscriptions created during a period, either by being manually created by sales/Reps or a customer placing an order via the Marketing sites. • Subscription Renewals: the number of automatic or manual renewal orders created for a non-trial subscription • Subscription Cancellations: the number of subscriptions cancelled by the customer or a rep. The subscriptions may not have actually ended yet, as the pre-paid period may continue into the future, which is why the cancellation count may differ to the ended count. • Subscription Ended: the number of subscriptions which have either the expired or cancelled status. • Current Subscriptions: the number of subscriptions that have not ended for the given period. This is all subscriptions with an end date after the current period’s date and a status other than cancelled or expired • New Subs Revenue: the total value for new orders placed to purchase subscription products during the period • Renewal Revenue: the total value of automatic or manual renewal orders created for current subscriptions. Upcoming Recurring Revenue Report. A report that determines the number of renewal events that will occur during a given period of time in the future. Subscriptions by Product Reporting • Subscription Counts by Product: Number of subscriptions that include this product as a line item and have a status other than expired or cancelled • Average Recurring Revenue Line Total by Product: Average line total for this product on each subscription. Subscriptions by Customer Reporting • Active Subscriptions: Number of subscriptions this customer has with a status of active or trial. • Total Subscriptions: Number of subscriptions this customer has with a status other than cancelled or expired. • Total Subscription Orders: Number of signup, switch and renewal orders this customer placed • Average Lifetime Value: Total value of this customer’s signup, switch and renewal orders.

7. People

7.1. Paul Coyne

7.1.1. Consultant, Innovation

7.2. Mariam Hassan

7.2.1. VP, Canada

7.3. Roman Liznercki

7.3.1. Online Marketing Manager

7.4. Others

7.4.1. Emerald expertise

7.4.2. External consultants/contractors

8. SEO Tactics. Phase 1 Web Vision

8.1. Draft SEO Report

8.1.1. Basic Requirements for Emerald Published Approved?

8.1.2. Categorised and baselined report Due To Be published (27/7/) What We are doing now What we should be doing(and are capable of) Web Vision - Recommendations with Capability delivered as part of web vision Approved?

8.2. Guidelines and Templates to Web Design teams

8.2.1. Design phase

8.2.2. Approved?

8.3. Search Engine Submissions

8.3.1. Google Sites Yahoo! Sites Baidu.com Inc. Microsoft Sites NHN Corporation

8.3.2. Region Specific China India Asia Pacific Latin America EU

8.3.3. Accepted and Approved?

8.4. Sitemap

8.4.1. Who/How?

8.4.2. Dependent on IA/Taxonomy?

8.4.3. Phase 1 deliverable?

8.4.4. Approved?

8.5. Domain Name Management

8.5.1. See GD's document

8.5.2. Approved?

8.6. Domain GeoLocation -

8.6.1. Addressed as part of Distributed architecture workstream

8.6.2. Approved?

8.7. Change Management

8.7.1. Ensuring that the 'light's stay on' with respect to embedded links to Emerald from customers and partners

8.7.2. Audit of links to Emerald

8.7.3. Managing the transition to simpler, qualified URLS

8.7.4. Resources

8.7.5. Timescales

8.8. Blogs & Teasers farm

8.8.1. Library Community

8.8.2. Research Community

8.8.3. Author Community

8.8.4. Student Community

8.8.5. Teaching Community

9. Culture and Change

9.1. Who/ When

9.1.1. PMG Action - JBK and PC

9.1.2. Customers Librarians Managers

9.1.3. Internal/Emerald Staff Editorial Sales force Corp Comms Senior Staff

9.1.4. Ongoing, beginning August through to Jan 2010

9.2. How

9.2.1. Pre and Post sales support

9.2.2. Onboarding programme

9.2.3. Media rich learning content/support site

9.2.4. Interactive FAQ/ P2P Community support

9.3. What

9.3.1. ERM - MH document

9.3.2. Digital Access options

9.3.3. Identifying 'best fit' with customer needs and capabilities

10. Digital Channels

10.1. Aggregators

10.1.1. Standards

10.1.2. 3rd party feeds

10.2. eBook Readers

10.2.1. Sony

10.2.2. Kindle

10.2.3. Generic

10.3. handheld/mobile

10.3.1. Apple

10.3.2. Google

10.3.3. WAP

10.3.4. SMS

10.3.5. Java

10.4. Desktop/Laptop PC

10.4.1. Browser

10.4.2. OS/Desktop gadget/app

10.5. Partner Portals/Platform

10.5.1. RSS

10.5.2. Open API SDK

10.5.3. Gadgets/Widgets

10.6. Library Systems/OPACS

10.7. Library Management Systems/Federated search

10.7.1. feeds

10.7.2. standards

10.7.3. metadata

10.8. Virtual Research Environments

10.8.1. Infancy, no interoperability standards to date

10.8.2. Fast growing sector, likely to become dominant workflow platforms for collaborative research

10.8.3. Recommendation: Watching brief

10.9. Virtual Learning Environments

10.9.1. Mature standards, (SCORM, LETSI, IMS)

10.9.2. Usually poorly used in HE

10.9.3. Recommendation: Develop 'How to...' guides for teaching staff

11. Strategic Framework

11.1. Strategic Generatives. A generative value is a quality or attribute that must be generated, grown, cultivated, nurtured. A generative thing can not be copied, cloned, faked, replicated, counterfeited, or reproduced. It is generated uniquely, in place, over time and in this respect conforms to Porter's model for developing sustainable business strategies and Emerald's stated strategy of Focussed Differentiation

11.1.1. Immediacy Sooner or later you can find a free copy of almost any digital article, but getting a copy (or an alert) delivered to your inbox the moment it is released -- or even better, produced (like earlyCITE) -- by the publsher is a generative asset Emerald alerts. emails, and presence in social/professional and academic communities can provide immediacy that pirated or aggregated/embargoed agreements cannot

11.1.2. Personalisation A generic version of a concert recording may be free, but if you want a copy that has been tweaked to sound perfect in your particular living room -- as if it were preformed in your room -- you may be willing to pay a lot. Personalisation requires an ongoing conversation between the publisher and student, researcher and faculty. It is deeply generative because it is iterative and time consuming. You can't copy the personalisation that a relationship represents which accords very well with Emerald's Porterian strategy fo focussed differentiation Emerald's range of applications, social media presence, customer and subject portals, Saved search and ToC alerts combine to deliver a highly personal and personalised experience that you own and exercise control over.

11.1.3. Contextual Interpretation Goes to meaning making and giving context to the content after discovery and access. Making use of content, free or otherwise, requires judgement, awareness and discretion. Content on it's own cannot provide this, but a community and strong editorial policy can link to supporting people and advice that is highly iterative and generative and offers a highly valuable, perhaps unique proposition that differentiates content providers. Emerald's Supplemental materials, guidance and learning combined with coherent metadata polciies and relationships to like content can combine to provide contextual interpretation and support to the user after the discovery and access phases.

11.1.4. Authenticity Relates to trust and confidence. Sure, you could download some free, wikipedia research or something from an IR but sometimes you need to be sure the content you're relying on is authentic, verified and substantiated - Peer reviewed or edited in some way and differentiated from 'Free' The Emerald brand - trust, high quality, relevance with rigour. Evidenced by citation, impact, usage and recommendation

11.1.5. Embodiment At its core the digital copy is without a body. Possible to take a copy of a work and throw it on a screen. People like a physical thing in their hand too and will pay for it. Emerald can provide embodiment via POD, print outs, download rights, mobility to digital articles and research

11.1.6. Findability/Discoverability When there are millions of books, millions of articles, millions of blogs, millions of everything requesting our attention,being found is valuable. That Emerald can find, nurture and refine the work of authors that they believe researchers will connect with.

11.1.7. Accessibility Ownership often sucks. Many people are be happy to have others tend to their "holdings" by subscribing to them. Research institutions will Emerald to serve their resarchers access to content anywhere int he world and on any device world, when and where we want it, as well as any table, photo or dataset. The basic Emerald proposition -Selling ACCESS to leading research from around the world.

11.2. Digital Strategic Framework. In this context, I use the term online strategy to be limited to the development of plans to deploy Emerald's online assets (content) to maximize business results (products and databases) and digital strategy to be the more transformative step of developing into a digital business, where digital connotes deeper interactions with stakeholders (authors, researchers, students, faculty and professionals), more personalised offerings and interactions, data driven decision making, and an organisational models and processes which are more nimble and reactive to changes in the business, technology and industry environment . An Emerald digital strategy should consistent with the Strategic Priorities, is aligned to WV objectives, resources and capabilities and recognises the dynamism of the digital environment in which Emerald participates. The Digital Strategic Framework is underpinned by the Strategic Priorities of the business and provides a coherent decision making scope in order to deliver the unique generative properties described above.

11.2.1. Availability Strategic Focus : Emerald content will be made available through adiverse discovery & access policy that is easy to use, stable and is evidenced in our support of a wide range of consumer and professional channels, devices and standards CSF Access Complexity. We recognise that consumer electronic devices and ubiquitous web access has raised user expectations of access and service. Emerald will manage channel complexity and ensure consistency and quality of service in support of digital access for learners & researchers. Content Complexity. We understand that the digital content comes in many forms. This requires that Emerald manage an increasingly diverse range of content, other than plain text. Emerald will manage content complexity in an easy to understand manner that provides opportunities to create new content products and community based services.

11.2.2. Resilience Strategic Focus:We will strive for 100% Quality of Service and access to holdings for all subscribers at all times CSF Managing Flagship portals and sites. Emerald’s web sites will become a showcase for Digital Scholarly Publishing. It will affirm our commitment to easy to use and powerful services that provide discovery and access to content from the world’s leading publisher of management research Content and Service agility.Emerald web and IT teams will strive to produce hardware and software designs and working practices that deliver greater levels of re-use, modularity and a superior return on investment

11.2.3. Community Strategic Focus : Being an active member in online professional and academic communities always looking to secure advocacy around the world. Building upon solid foundations of social and reputation capital providing the community tools and services that provide context and meaning to original content. CSF Embedding Emerald in professional and Academic communities. We will provide tools and mechanisms that support and encourage dialogue that foster a greater sense of community and attachment to Emerald’s mission of making the world a better managed place. Multi-lateral relationships. Emerald’s digital expertise will allow the business to build business and derive revenue from content, context and access services to faculty, library and the student/professional body.

11.2.4. Market knowledge Strategic Focus: Ensure knowledge about our markets and user behaviours is up-to-date, accurate and informs Emerald’s content and service development programme CSF A Global presence, with local sensitivity. We will develop a sophisticated understanding of the means by which users prefer to search for and access content around the world and work to deliver access to content from preferred regional engines and social media portals. Working in Partnership. We will seek to work closely with our customers and partners to develop services and access options that improve usage and awareness of Emerald and our partners.

11.2.5. Standards Strategic Focus : Emerald will observe industry standards in content and access where they exist. Where they do no exist Emerald will strive to adhere to best practice behaviours. CSF Working in Partnership. We will seek to work closely with our customers and partners to develop services and access options that improve usage and awareness of Emerald and our partners. Content and Service agility.Emerald web and IT teams will strive to produce hardware and software designs and working practices that deliver greater levels of re-use, modularity and a superior return on investment

11.2.6. VFM Strategic Focus :The creation and management of discovery services that promote usage which continue to demonstrate relevance of Emerald content and value for money to the customer CSF All of them