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The Legend of the White Doe by Mind Map: The Legend of the White Doe
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The Legend of the White Doe

Virgina Dare is also the White Doe

Chief Manteo

Lady Winona

Virginia Dare

Virginia Dare (born August 18, 1587, date of death unknown) was the first child born in the Americas to English parents, Eleanor (also Ellinor or Elyonor) and Ananias Dare. She was born into the short-lived Roanoke Colony in what is now North Carolina, US. What became of Virginia and the other colonists remains a mystery. The fact of her birth is known because the governor of the settlement, Virginia Dare's grandfather, John White, returned to England in 1587 to seek fresh supplies. When White eventually returned three years later, Virginia and the other colonists were gone. During the past four hundred years, Virginia Dare has become a prominent figure in American myth and folklore, symbolizing different things to different groups of people. She has been featured as a main character in books, poems, songs, comic books, television programs and films. Her name has been used to sell different types of goods, from vanilla products to wine and spirits. Many places in North Carolina and...

White Doe




John White

Although his beautiful watercolor drawings are one of the most valuable sources of information about the Roanoke voyages and he served a governor of the 1587 colony, John White's life is almost unknown. Nothing is known for certain about his family background; however, the fact that his daughter Eleanor married a bricklayer-tiler suggests that he was of modest origins. The granting of a coat of arms in 1587 suggests the rise of White in the social scale because of his new position; yet, the quartering of his arms tells little about him other than the mere possibility of a connection with the Whites of Truro in Cornwall. Many of Ralegh's venturers were from Cornwall and Devon. White's wife is never mentioned and she probably died before he joined Ralegh's efforts. His birthdate is unknown; however, the fact that he became a grandfather in 1587 suggests that he was born between 1540 and 1550.