Classroom of the Future

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Classroom of the Future by Mind Map: Classroom  of the Future

1. Style of learning in future classrooms

1.1. I do not think there will be any chalk boards or any whiteboards in 20 years. I think all classrooms will have smart boards, or even something more high-tech. Learning will become more virtual and more imersive and interactive rather then just learning from a text book.

2. Style of learning in present classrooms

2.1. The style of learning in present classrooms are growing into something far more creative, virtual and interactive. It is no longer just reading and writing, it is far more interesting and creative. Technology is becoming bigger and bigger in classrooms.

3. Technology in future classrooms

3.1. Classrooms will be filled with technology. I think all students will either have a laptop or iPad or something even more high-tech with holograms to help them learn more virtually. There will be smart boards instead of whiteboards and chalk boards, or something even more high-tech. There will not be anymore text books, they will all be online or on some sort of virtual book.

4. Technology used in present classrooms

4.1. Technology is growing every day. Each day new technology is created and added to class rooms. Most of my classrooms contain at least one smart board and one computer. There are far more laptops then old classrooms had and a lot more technology in every classroom.

5. Style of learning in past classrooms

5.1. The style of learning in past classrooms were a lot less fun and interactive compared to now. There were far less imaginative ways to explore different subjects or create different projects. It was all out of books and paper.

6. Technology in past classrooms

6.1. There was usually never technology in class rooms when I was first starting school. The biggest technological thing would maybe be one computer in each computer. It was a huge box, not like the flat-screened computers and laptops we have now a days. There would maybe be one computer lab, but no laptop or ipad carts. There was no smart boards, only chalk boards.

7. What my future classroom would look like

7.1. I believe my future classroom will look very different. They're wont be a teacher, we will all be taught by computers and the whole class will be filled with technology.