school partie

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school partie by Mind Map: school partie

1. income

1.1. K100 per student

1.2. If they want s friend to join they will have to pay K100

1.3. Food, Drinks

2. responsibility

2.1. Decorations

2.2. Music

2.3. make sure everything is going smoothly

2.4. Plastic etc

2.5. food, drinks

2.6. Chairs, tables etc

3. cost

3.1. food=k100 per plate for students/friends

3.2. drink=k30 per bottle for students/friends

4. action

4.1. My Friends and I do decorations and Ill put on a speaker which has music I can play on

4.2. A guard is going to make sure people throw their trash in the bin

4.3. One or more of my friends will be taking care if food and drinks ect

4.4. For food My friends and I will be making it and we'll order somewhere around 100 drinks and make more homemade juices

4.5. Chairs, Tables etc will be provided by the school