Family Crest Project

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Family Crest Project by Mind Map: Family Crest Project

1. I. Your family sheld/coat of arms (your last name)

1.1. my family shield and crust is "hill"

2. II. All About You

2.1. There wasnt no historical event on the day i was born the only event that happen was me beeing born.

2.1.1. Adam lamberg and alex clare the hobbies that i am interest in is dancing. my best friend would describe me as goofy and a silly person.

3. III. Mother (or Guardian)- maternal side of your family

3.1. My mother is about 5'5 with short blonde hair with brown eyes and brown skin. My dad is 6'4 brown skin and black hair.

3.1.1. my mom and dad values are the same that just want me to do my best. they both enrich in my life in so many ways.

4. IV. Maternal Grandparents

4.1. My grandma is 5'4 and shes light skins and she is 63 years old and she has dark hair and pretty white teeth.

4.1.1. My grandma Mary Ann believe that if i put all my effort in to what i want to do then i can do anything i can put my too. My Grandma Mary Ann enrich my life by telling me things when i was young things to do and what not to do . my favorite moment with my grandma Mary Ann is when its a Sunday dinner and i help her cook the best meals that the whole apartment can smell the cooking. "yummy"

5. Administration

5.1. due 12/21

5.2. [email protected]

6. V. Family Pets

6.1. the story be hides my pets name is because i watch a movie and the dog name in the movie was winn Dixie and i figure it would be really cute if i name the dog that.

6.1.1. my pet is big and yay high and she is black with blue eyes and pretty white teeth. my pet winn dixxie impact my life because if im lonely she this there with me threw the up and downs and the roller coaster rides she my bestfriend.

7. VI. Your Role Model (male or female)

7.1. my role model in my life and my dad she taought me alot with different situation with respect and honest and me being matureMy dad is built 6'4 tall slim he has black hair he is light sking with black eye.

7.1.1. my dads house alot of value for me and what he want me to become because ever since i was little he wanted me to become a young mature young women and today in 2012 i am that mature young women. they enrich my life in so many ways. My favorite time with my daddy was every time i was with him cause we laugh and giggle and just live everyday like its me and his last.